Fictional Video Games / Consoles Thread


Remember the console wars? 2000 fanboys where just the worst. SSS for life!


Jon did a bit of art for demonschool - I would totally make an x-men '97 game in the style of X-Men 2 Clone Wars but it’s not in the cards.

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I was thinking of posting about Halt and Catch Fire several days ago, and then Polygon got the drop on me (with the bold title “Halt and Catch Fire understood video games better than any other show”), even going as far as to link the video I was thinking of linking.

Several real games are referenced in the show, including several references to the Famicom/NES. The fictional games were fun though:

  • a text adventure game in the first season, I think supposed to be a fork of Colossal Cave Adventure, used to weed out programmers

  • the dial-up games on Mutiny in the second season, especially a 2D tank fighting game

  • the graphical version of that dial-up service in the third season, which probably has a direct analogue, but reminded me more of early graphical adventures

  • Cameron’s first games with Atari, the Space Bike franchise, which are supposed to be this action-adventurish game where the heroine travels from planet to planet collecting the five senses in a post-apocalyptic space journey. But there are several games and it’s her big thing

  • Pilgrim, her patient game, a 3D adventure game with obscure controls and goals that Atari ends up shelving. To me it looks a bit like an obscure, alien Twinsen’s Odyssey. I love the story with it, one character understanding another through solving their arbitarily difficult, obfuscatory game. I’m not sure I would enjoy actually playing it, but I can at least relate to getting really into a difficult game and coming to an understanding of it.


This is pretty close to being a real one but he does call it the BS5, so…

(this is from kaiju no. 8 which is a decent/standard feeling shonen manga)


How’d they get Aaron Paul…!?

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