Field Guide to Finding The Sonic Ring Getting Sound in the Wild

I can't remember if I learned this somewhere else, or at some point somewhere on here, but stuff like this is weirdly common:

What I'm talking about is only a few seconds in but do feel free to watch an orangutan being clutch on the touchscreen _Pong_-like for as long as you wish.

If you've ever wondered why [that famous sound effect]( would pop up in such an unlikely place, well, here's another video:

...and in [article]( form.

Long story short, the most likely explanation is that a 2004 merger between Sega and Sammy Corporation, which created Sega Sammy Holdings. As such ownership of some aspects of some of Sega IPs (Intellectual Property) to Sammy Corporation, which makes pachinko machines in Japan. Sammy also licenses out stuff to various Chinese electronic manufacturers, some of whom may end up making commercial electronics like Point of Sale consoles and the like. Whether it's on purpose or even knowingly or otherwise, that may potentially include electronic sound effects, which, purposefully or knowingly or otherwise, might include the Sonic ring getting sound effect.

The species of _Sonicgetringinus soundeffectus_ has a wide range in the wild, but populations are small in isolation. What are some interesting sightings of this familiar yet elusive creature?

orangutans also get dopamine from the sonic ring sound effect, they are so like us. :pleading_face::orangutan:

@“treefroggy”#p75248 I wish I got a grape too though

if every grape came with that very satisfying sound, i'd be eating grapes non-stop.

Comment not worthy of its own thread: the best Sonic ring sound is Sonic Forces. They added a little bit of chorus and it sounds amazing.

God, so THAT’S why the cash register at the gas station near my parents’ house makes this noise