First Game You Played in 2021

The what is kinda interesting. The why will be much more interesting.

The first game I played in 2021 was _Mario Kart 8 Deluxe_ with the kids on the Switch which was a family Christmas present to them.

This has been a big hit in the family as it has enough accessibility options that the family can all mostly enjoy it on their own level. I've said in other threads that my 6-year-old twins like playing video games, but they are either mechanically too hard for them, or they don't yet understand the abstraction of the game. Kart solves this because they can use the tilt steering on the joy cons combined with the driving assist to actually participate in the game. My oldest (10) turns off both of these and she is learning how to get the drift sparks. She generally wins, but the other kids are competitive enough that it's interesting.

Nintendo rightly gets a lot of crap for some of their dumbed-down game design choices, but when they decide to focus on specifically making a family game and market it as such, they can really knock it out of the park.

And after I put the kids to bed, I mixed drinks for robots by myself in _VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action_.

It was either GTA Online or Burnout 3: Takedown.

made espresso and played suikoden at 04:45 central standard time on Jan 2nd 2021


@antillese#12817 when they decide to focus on specifically making a family game and market it as such, they can really knock it out of the part.

yeah agreed they are remarkably good at it and now starting to appreciate it in this light, even though I myself don’t care for it.

I believe it was Yakuza 7! Started it back up after having to put it down for a while because of school and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.


Wow! This is _exactly_ true for me as well. We got our kids MK8 for switch and set it up to play on Christmas Day. My girls are 7 and 4 and it really is the only game the 4 year old can play. They absolutely love it. It is a blast to play with all four of us. My wife could probably be a professional Mario Kart player if she wanted. According to Nintendo, I'm a "Core Gamer," and she still laps me sometimes.

Since New Year's I've fired up two new games for myself which is unusual for me. I usually focus on one at a time. But I decided to tackle a big, triple A as heck, cinematic game on PS4 (Ghost of Tsushima, which was a Christmas present) and a lower-key, artsy, indy-type game on the Switch (Kentucky Route Zero, which is genuinely one of the most interesting pieces of art I've ever experienced, period). I'm enjoying them both a lot!

final fantasy X. squeezing every last ounce of gaming out of holiday vacation

it was Magic: the Gathering Arena because i have spent most of my free time this year mixing and editing the podcast, or watching a six hour review of Tokimeki Memorial (just about to start part 4).

i also got Ring Fit Adventure so i'm excited for that to be the first switch game I play!! i will probably also continue Yakuza 0.

Jedi Fallen Order - Currently in the middle of my first playthrough and just reached a boss on Dathomir that is giving me some difficulty so I spent my evening last night making a few attempts at it.

@CidNight#12822 Parent Chat: My 10-year-old has made the observation “Hmm, I don‘t think I’ve ever gotten the bullet bill power up, I don‘t think you get that choice if you’re in 1st place.” I thought it was pretty hilarious. Oh, and if anyone tries to talk you out of playing Rosalina on the Vespa, they are wrong and do not have your best interests at heart.


@espercontrol#12824 watching a six hour review of Tokimeki Memorial (just about to start part 4).

> i also got Ring Fit Adventure

I intentionally quoted this in a broken way to tell you that I'm watching a TokiMeMo review while I do my exercise on the stationary bike. You can do both at the same time! (Well, at least riding a stationary, dunno about _Ring Fit Adventure_.)

Ducktale Remastered for the Wii U. Sitting in bed playing on that gamepad just hits the right cozy spot.

Streamer friend of mine started a stream and had an open lobby for the game “CarX” which is a game built around drifting cars. Anyway, it has a Lada Rivia you can customize and slide around, so I did that, for two straight hours. During that time my friend's stream got raided and they had an overwhelming amount of new subs and viewers.

CarX is like the kind of game you find in a Gas Station Bargain Bin, it's so generic, and yet I've sunk in about 6 hours into it already. It's incredibly satisfying to link long drifts together and do an entire lap in one combo. Multiplayer lobbies are competition-free zones where you and a bunch of other randos just slide around levels. I can't explain why I like it, but I really do. But there's so little else to the game that it feels almost like gas station junk food.

It was more of Risk of Rain 2. Seriously just can't get enough of that game.

I've been unsuccessfully trying to get NP2K to run the PC-98 version of Sengoku Turb. Fiddling with emulators is practically its own game!

This is fun. In 2020 I finished my last game like a couple days before new years, and still have no idea what rpg I'm going to finish first in the new year. I thoroughly got addicted to Mysterious Castle due to reluctantly reinstalling on my new phone as the only game….

My wife and I celebrated new years at home, and after a few drinks and video calls, we took a look at the mediashelf for a movie to wind down to but ended up playing some Space Channel 5. It had been a long while since I had played it. We were both terrible at it but it was still fun.

Whoa I have no idea. It might‘ve been Tanzer since that came in the mail? But I’m a huge jerk about holidays and so almost willfully don‘t pay attention to when they’re happening so uhhhh yeah I really have no idea! oops!!!

To me it either was Final Fantasy IV or SnowRunner, the games I'm playing right now. I started both before the end of the year so must have been one of those!

For me it was Final Fantasy X-2 because I saw someone tweeting about how it is a fun girl power adventure.

I've always wanted to finish it (never made it very far back in the PS2 days), had too much to drink on New Years Eve, found out it was on sale on the Switch eshop, and made a hasty purchase.

Now check this out: the Switch eshop says it's a 14 GB download, but it is actually a 30 GB download! Whoa! My Switch sure wasn't ready for that, and neither was I. And that's why I didn't actually play it until Jan 1 lol.

I was playing Linda 3, took a break to celebrate midnight with friends on Discord / listen to the temple bell, and then went back to Linda.

@bodydouble#12838 I had no idea that existed!

I was at a friends for new years and spent the night. The next day I woke up and I ended up playing the gamecube mario kart double dash or whatever it‘s called. Because they said that’s what they had. I only noticed the soul caliber 2 box later. I would have preferred that. I did not like mario kart double dash (or whatever its called)