Fixing the Sins of the Past: Undubs and Fan Fixes

There have been a few threads discussing how to play old game content in a better way (various emulators that remove sprite flicker or polygon wobble, the Analogue Pocket, etc). I also don‘t want to rehash previous discussions on fan translations, but having read many of these threads and then searched them specifically for historical games with fan-made fixes, I didn’t come up with much. I think there is a lot more out there that we could round up. I also want to put some boundaries around this: I'm mostly interested in fan-made improvements or content restoration for console games, because obviously there are endless mods for most any popular PC game. So, what fan-made fixes are out there (not asking about fan-made original content patches).

I'll start with some of the ones I have seen:

  • - Raw Danger (undub)
  • - [The whole Undub category at CD Romance](
  • - Yakuza Kiwami ([restore the licensed music from the original Yakuza](
  • - Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami (both PS4 and PS3) ([restore original licensed music](
  • - Yakuza 3, 4, 5 and Dead Souls ([music restoration](
  • - Exile series, Lunar series, Magic Knight Rayearth, Alundra, etc. ([restoring the gameplay balance and difficulty hacks done by Working Designs localizations](
  • Basically, I would like to play a bunch of unruined localizations from the localization dark ages of pre-2010-or-so. There was an especially bleak era when games first introduced fully voice acting and licensed music but the localizations...took some liberties, or deleted content from the original.

    Then there are widescreen hacks, which maybe aren't of interest to a purist but they are kinda nice especially for the PS2-era games that almost/sorta supported it but didn't. These are usable with PS2 hardware:

    The last interesting category of fan effort is performance hacks.

  • - Contra III, Gradius III, Race Driven', Super R-Type, etc (slowdown fixes for emulated SNES games by remapping original CPU instructions to an in-cart co-processor chip that those carts never had)
  • EDIT: Additional link:

  • - [The "fix" category at RomHacking](
  • I sold my Dreamcast collection to Brandon, and in cleaning up my files at the end of this year, I realize it was probably for the best. At least half my collection of ISOs has some sort of caveat to them. VGA fixes, RGB fixes, translations and undubs, music hacks. That said, TDC Final will always be the gold standard for me.

    With some love for the PS2 Mortal Kombat Hack Kollection

    And hey Super Mario Sunburn almost made Sunshine tolerable



    TDC Final v2 … a compilation of games that includes:


    Capcom vs SNK 2 (JP)

    > Capcom vs SNK 2: Fan Disk (JP)

    > Marvel vs Capcom 2 (US)

    > Marvel vs Capcom 2 (JP)

    > Ikaruga (JP)

    Wait why Ikaruga? lol

    @“tanuki”#p52370 The game itself is so TINY that they just threw it on there in the remaining space I assume.

    I‘ve been proofreading the Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete translation to see if it misses anything that might have been added to the remake (it’s a copy/paste of the original Sega CD translation), and am quickly beginning to appreciate why exactly people hate Working Designs‘ translations. So many capricious localization choices, and I haven’t even gotten to the cultural references yet…

    I have been considering playing Raw Danger, given that I never have previously and it has been mentioned a fair few times lately — should I work out how to play the undub version? I know nothing of the technicalities of this game

    @“rejj”#p52458 eh, if you want! a lot of that game's charm for me is the crappy dub and janky westernization (turning characters blonde, etc.). I feel like Tim spoke to Frank about this in a recent(? what is time anymore) episode.

    @“rejj”#p52458 I was on the fence about it and started the US version anyway. I am finding it incredibly charming.

    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    And someone correct me if I'm wrong but is the undub not literally that? a change in voices, and not subtitle text? The subtitle script is delicious

    @“rejj”#p52458 it‘s fine to play it without the undub. It’s not exactly the sort of game that suffers because of localization goofiness

    has anyone checked out the gregory horror show undub? I‘m thinking about playing it with a friend soon but I don’t know if that's necessarily at all

    also, does the bujingai undub give you Gackt VA?