For the sake of Tim, don't watch the trailer

I thought I‘d make this thread after watching the trailer to M. Night’s new movie, Knock at the Cabin. The movie is based on Paul Tremblay's book The Cabin at the End of the World. The book is much more fun going in blind, so if you can, just watch the movie when it comes out and keep away from the trailer and reviews. The trailer gives too much away.

Another movie is _Nope_. The people I know who enjoyed it most watched it without seeing the trailer.

I'd love recommendations for movies, video games, books, music, etc. that we should experience by going in blind, and if you've unfortunately seen a trailer that spoils too much, please tell us (but don't hint at what it spoils, because... spoilers).

I dont have any aversion to spoilers and have almost never been turned off something due to spoilers, but I also go into almost all media as blind as possible. Whether books or movies or TV, I just go in knowing almost nothing.

not knowing the plot events of Jude the Obscure made me extremely upset when I read it (in a good(?) way)

Undertale was a big one for me. It was difficult for me to recommend the game to people when it just came out without giving away the concept. I would tell people who knew Earthbound that it felt like a thematic evolution of Earthbound. I would tell people who didn‘t know Earthbound that there’s a bit where you go into a library with a sign outside that says “LIBRARBY,” and when you talk to the librarian she says “We know about the sign.”

ZeroRanger and Beginner's Guide are the big two gameswise that I have no clue how to recommend to people.

"There's this game you should play but don't learn anything about it at all and don't ask me why you should play it."

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p85839 I still don‘t know anything about ZeroRanger, so I’m in the perfect zone. For my contribution,

do not learn anything about the film if you can avoid it, and stick with it. You won't regret it. Then pass it on to someone new. In this way it's like a positive version of the tape from The Ring.

I don‘t watch any trailers at all unless I know I don’t care about the movie. They give away way too much information and I also find them kind of unbearable because the often have the same beats and insufferable sound effects. But on the flip side I do spoil a lot of stuff for myself if I'm not that invested, like many popular TV shows.

I've even thought about if I made a movie how I would try and get a non trailer editor to edit it and how that would work. (I made a bad indie movie once, and no problem there :D but it ain't something to watch)

I‘ll watch the trailer after I’ve enjoyed a movie as a sort of montage of fun moments from it.

I watch a lot of movies without ever watching the trailer, mostly due to trying to work my way through a director's filmography, or sometimes reading a single small review and having my interest piqued.

Recently, I would say Resurrection (2022) is wholly worth watching totally blind. >!The trailer, which I watched after due to sending it to some friends, does a great job of not giving away wtf is happening tho!<

I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 last Fall for the first time ever, essentially only knowing that Tobe Hooper directed it 11 years after the first one and BOY OH BOY, I was in for a real treat.

Last years Titane is not an amazing film but might work out better if you go in totally blind...
Saint Maud (which I really liked) probably works even better without having seen the trailer.

There's that new Barbarian movie out right now, which I keep hearing is best going in blind, but I've also seen some pretty low reviews on Letterboxd (that I haven't read!!) so I'm kind of not sure how to feel about that one. Def don't wanna pay $14-16 for a ticket for it...

@“edward”#p85833 I‘m a big hypocrite when it comes to spoilers. It all depends on my mood. But I LOVE it when someone drops a title, I know nothing about it, and my mind is blown when I experience it. It’s happened with every A24 film I've seen.

@“Jaffe”#p85836 The game has been around for so long that any spoiler I‘ve heard has been forgotten. I need to stop what I’m doing in finally play it.

When you don’t know about the basic concept of Outer Wilds is the peak time to play it. I managed to get in without any intro and had the bestest of times.

@“Jaffe”#p85836 I was blown away when it became mainstream. period. that‘s my homie’s game and nobody thought it would spread as far as it has…. I didn‘t have to tell anyone about it, because people were trying to tell me about it! and I had to be like "yeah I know that guy from middle school… how’d you hear about it???“ followed by ”who the heck is markiplier?"


@“bwood”#p85895 The game has been around for so long that any spoiler I’ve heard has been forgotten.

This is also my secret power... if I encounter a spoiler to something I am interested in enough to get a little cheesed off from seeing the spoiler, but not interested in enough to want to play at earliest or semi-earliest convenience, I just try not to think about it for long enough that it just slips out of my mind.

More topically though, I played _Undertale_ while I was just really starting to leave my cynical popular-equals-bad hater phase. It was not super long after it came out, but it was at least a bit after the massive initial spike of hype. Pretty sure I played it while on break from school in mid to late December of 2015. I had almost refused to absorb spoilers purely out of stubborn, shallow contempt for The New Big Thing. Actually, I'm pretty sure I only deigned to play it because my cousin (who is really hit and miss when it comes to recommending me things, and usually miss, but when they hit they tend to hit me big with something I really love) practically begged me to after buying it for me as a gift.

I guess it must have went well because I bought it as a gift for two of my friends not long after. In any case, not even the facade (albeit cracking) of stubborn countercultural pretentiousness prevented me from really loving it.