Free games!

Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVV) has been posting about a free game each week for a while now, and many of them seem like things the folk here may like to check out.

His latest post:

There are many free games to be found on Itch and other places, but does anyone know of any other decent collections / reviews / curators that try to bring light to the interesting things they have found?

Are there any particular favourites or just “cool thing to check out” free games IC would like to suggest?


RogueBasin has listing for hundreds of traditional Roguelikes, most of which are free.

There's the classics: DCSS, Nethack, Angband, etc but also newer ones, some of which even have graphics (gasp) like Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead and Doom the Roguelike

My game's free! :smiley:

In less self-absorbed news, I'd recommend classic point and click adventure game [Beneath A Steel Sky]( as well as the excellent modern remakes of the wonderful ZX Spectrum adventure-wargames [The Lords of Midnight]( and [Doomdark's Revenge]( - they're all as fantastic as they are cheap!

Oh yeah BaSS! Other old games now free through source ports or the like: Abuse, Marathon, Descent, Doom, Quake 3 Arena. Tyrian 2000

These accounts consistently post cool stuff, much of it free.


@“rejj”#p40586 Are there any particular favourites or just “cool thing to check out” free games IC would like to suggest?

There are a bunch posted in [this thread!](

GTA 1 & 2 have been free downloads on Rockstar's site forever.

Miracle Kidz, a dōjin group formed by Mitsuhiro Yoshida and Hiroyuki Sekimoto, the original game designers of River City Ransom and most of the other Famicom Kunio games, has a few free kunio kun dodgeball downloads on their site in both Japanese and English.
River City Dodgeball All-Stars!!
Sendai Miyagi Dodgeball All-Stars!!

@“Kimimi”#p40591 I just played through your game, nice work :slight_smile:

Stars' description of being "old enough to notice he's not as young as he used to be" hits rather close to home, ouch.
(It came to my attention that Danny Glover was 41 years old while filming the "..I'm too old for this shit" line from Lethal Weapon and that took a moment to sink in, also)

@“rejj”#p40631 Eek, thank you! I hope you had fun!

I was very much channelling myself when I wrote that line D:

@“LeFish”#p87555 I realize this is confusing but this is the “freeware games” thread, and these should go in the “free trade” thread lol

@“exodus”#p87558 Whoops! yeah, my bad! Had a real idiot moment. I‘ll reshare there and delete the above so that the codes aren’t duplicated here.

Nah, it‘s confusing and any reasonable person who didn’t read every singoe thread would put it here!

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free until November 7th

Bumping this thread because I like interesting free games.

I played this yesterday and thought it was really fun (I hope 'name your own price' fits within 'free').

EDIT: Actually, should this go in the Itch thread? I didn't check for that being a thing. I'm lost in threads.

It is the third anniversary of us releasing Paradise Killer. Here are some S t e a m c0des

A J W F X - Y F Q 9 G - 2 Y T 5 P
E C 6 N M - K X 8 N Y - I W H 8 K
A H 0 0 9 - Z 2 8 I V - P W 8 0 F
N 7 B 6 Q - 5 Z D Z F - D E W 2 3
B Q B B 4 - I M A 6 P - 7 D 6 H J

Thanks!! I've actually been meaning to play paradise killer.

took the second code.

tysm! I grabbed #3, happy 3rd anniversary :sunglasses:

@“Chopemon”#p131478 I bought that game and loved it before I joined the forums. I played it Dragon Quest-style (30 minutes to an hour at a time, before bed) right at the beginning of the pandemic. I loved the art and the music and the ending a lot. I distinctly remember thinking “what kind of sicko came up with these (awesome) names?” Great job & happy anniversary! (also someones should redeem these and play)

@“deepspacefine”#p131487 Thank you for playing!

@“Chopemon”#p131478 Nabbed the fourth code, thank you and congratulations!