Future of FMV? + youtube channel suggestion

Was just spending too much time digging through this youtube channel, which I had seen some fluid dynamic simulation videos from long ago, but randomly ran across again today. In this video, the host gives a quick breakdown and summary of a video processing method for creating an interactive tennis game based on videos of tennis matches. Looks like some pretty slick FMV action. (I think the application may ultimately be somewhat limited, but the method and output is pretty slick)


This channel is the most "feels worthwhile" timewaster I've found on youtube for a hot minute. Lots of awesome videos, and it feels like I'm getting a bit of a sneak peak of the next 5 years of tech that may show up in games. Lots of physics simulation stuff that always gets me exited.

Curious if anyone else watches this channel regularly, and if you waste a bunch of time poking around, share your favorite finds here! Or, if you know another similar channel, share that too!

This video on lighting methods gets me so hyped up…


The host's consistent “What a time to be alive!” closer really is my emotional state after hanging out on this channel. Glad I likely have a few more decades to go to see where we end up.

Thanks for sharing these! I‘ve been following this channel for a while, but I had fallen off watching the videos, so I really appreciate the suggestions. It’s really rare to find YT content that is bite size and easily digestible while also having some academic rigor to it, so this channel is great!

If you haven't seen it before and are interested in some longer form CS/AI shenanigans, I would suggest [Tom 7's channel](https://www.youtube.com/user/suckerpinch). His delivery and presentation style can grate on me at times, but he seems like a certifiable mad genius. I would say that these are less awe-inspiring than your videos and would be better described as taking bizarre thought experiments _way_ beyond their logical conclusion, but it's pretty entertaining. Here's a recent video about developing hilariously ineffectual chess algorithms:


@MDS-02#28348 oh yeah, five minute papers is a good‘un. i’ve recently gotten into nils berglund, who makes videos of waves of various sorts in shapes of various sorts.


related, i've been following trinityscp for a while, which does videos of various mechanisms.


what a time to be alive!

That AI generated tennis game is a total game changer.