Gaiden #7 - Saizeriya Feast: Opening Presents with John Linneman

@“KennyL”#p146307 i’ve definitely looked around at this stuff! the live episodes are always a balancing act, because I want to make sure all the dialogue is fully audible and parseable, while still holding onto at least some of the environmental sound. usually this means bringing up the vocal sound ranges and lowering ones outside that, but it’s definitely not a perfect process. as you’ve noticed, there’s definitely a little fuzzy smothering going on, so it’s all about figuring out where you want to make the trade offs.

I always enjoy people around here talking about their weird pickups, so I love episodes like this.

I mix up Tiny Bullets and Panzer Bandit! Panzer Bandit must have a weird energy. I think I also mix up Gunners Heaven with a different game, but I can’t remember what rn.

I had no idea about the MIL-CD thing! That seems like a fun mini-set to collect for since it appears that there are only 8 different releases for the format? I’ll have to go for that sometime in the future.

I also didn’t know Power Rangers Pinball was made by KAZe. I’ve wanted that game for years since I was a big Power Rangers fan as a kid, but it’s a genuinely uncommon title for NA. Definitely going to prioritize getting a copy now.

These Gaiden episodes were fun. I know there was some plan to make essay episodes starting with the Balan one, but I don’t know if that ever happened? This felt like a progression of the idea, somewhat structured, small meditations on a concept that wouldn’t fit in a normal episode. I hope they continue in the future, even if they release infrequently! Maybe biweekly / once a month? I didn’t listen to them on release, but I did listen to them all. I think these episodes are a good proof of concept for the future; you can still do one-off interviews, ruminations, or “what did I just do”-s like this!

One thing I was thinking, the interviews with creators and people involved with classic games were coming up with new facts and stories I hadn't heard before that should merit a mention and a link on big videogame news sites, and thus getting the podcast in front of more people.

Except, I don't think big videogame news sites really work that way any more.

I super enjoyed the energy of this episode, each of you getting stoked about what the other brought. I was trying to think of how this might work in smaller more regular chunks, some kinda “show and tell” section to an episode where everyone/someone brings/selects a game they wanna talk about and in the discussion others can bring up related stuff. Go shopping in your own collection or rom list for the week and choose somethin. I think this could be a good way to hit corners that are hard to hit with questions. Perhaps too close to being homework for people, but I’d love to hear it!

@“MDS-02”#p146495 i really enjoyed this too, mostly because it‘s always nice to hear people talking about their passions in an open, inviting manner instead of trying to gatekeep – explaining why these games feel important, or janky, or perhaps even just singular in their viewpoint is a nice window into someone else’s world!

@“progn”#p146028 This was educational to me just looking at the scopes for how the PSG was implemented for effect. I think that the GEMS driver still gets kind of a bad rap and often it's a matter of replacing the instrumentation FM patches rather than the arrangement itself as the compositions are often just fine.

@"◉◉maru"#p146067 I have done that thing where I press play on a YouTube video to save it to my history for later. I love videogame pinball. The only games I picked up this year at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo were PS1 versions of the Pro Pinball series. I got them all for $12. Am I going to put them into an actual PlayStation vs. playing them in emulation? Probably not! Are they they best version of those games? No way! Are they rad? Yes!

@“progn”#p146028 This is very good BUT it is already a pretty well composed song, which feels like cheating. let‘s see what these rearrangers have to say about the menu music, which I suspect will only be worsened by better instruments. the harsh noise abrasiveness is its core appeal. I am now searching for it, let’s find out together:

Of course this is a different person, but the answer is yes, you need the ear splitting for this song to be good.


I agree. It's absolutely a stylistic choice and "turning down the volume" isn't the right choice to "fix" this art. Makes the rest of the piece feel too barren when you don't have as much texture from the single lead guitar.

I was listening to the PC Engine DDII soundtrack on your recommendation and its... fine? It didn't resonate with me. I'm off to try _Thunder Force 5_ next. (Update re: _TFV_: Oh yeaahhhhhhhhhhhh!)

And last year @"kory"#525 sent me this meme which was the first time I had ever seen it and I felt attacked/seen.

@“antillese”#p147058 maybe I oversold it. it's very odd for a double dragon game and all the scream samples are striking to me, but I could see it not resonating outside that context!

Plus if you're into sonic-style new jack swing, or sonic 3 style vocalizations as percussion, there's plenty of that:

I'm just putting these here for others, I know you've heard it all already!

I think about this dumb meme every time I hear some grungy music like that sonic spinball menu, I've embraced it now. You can't help but feel this way when wolverine shows up to the party:

Also anyone who says GEMS is inherently bad needs to listen to this. Try making your buzzsaw doom metal without it!

omg @exodus this was just amazing. i feel like there are probably only a few dozen people on earth who can riff off SUCH obscure games on the fly like that, so hearing you two hanging out felt like a present. this NEEDS to become its own bespoke podcast!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Is the RightStuf games publisher the same as the website I used to buy epic anime DVD box sets and legendary merch in 2003 when I was in middle school?

My girlfriend‘s friend just got back from studying abroad in Italy, and she brought along a newly acquired Italian boyfriend. When my girlfriend heard they’re coming she immediately said “oh my god we have to take him to Saizeriya”

Ending song is great @espercontrol

@“treefroggy”#p147286 I wondered this many times through the years as well but the answer is no - the game publisher has two fs in stuff, though, and might be the reason why the video distributor only has one?