Game Center CX Appreciation Thread

The twitch stream got shut down again a while back. If anyone finds a new one please post it.

This was the best portable racing game ever made if you ask me….

you get so fast by memorizing the level and the drift mechanic is addicting…… would have been even better on GBA or wonderswan or ngpc

Still bummed that a new Twitch channel hasn't arisen to replace the ones that have been shut down.

@“Moon”#p90772 I have just learned about the existence of:

**Kacho on!**

Arino is officially a YouTuber now. Surprisingly, GCCX just started a channel.

i have nothing to contribute to this thread except that one anecdote about me seeing Arino during his one trip to the Paris weeb expo with my friends about 10 years ago. we mobbed cameraman Abe after his show (we made a raucous for we were the biggest fans in that room) for a pic and then hunted down the chief for another shot. i gave him a PS1 copy of Rayman that i had hastily bought just before during the handshake event, along with a custom made business card that read “special GCCX AD”. finally we took a group pic with all my friends around Inoko MAX.

may very well be one of the most precious memories i have. i'm featured on that episode btw but will not disclose my very teenage-and-already-tired face.

Oh, and just because it hasn‘t been updated since 2012, doesn’t mean this isn't the best English language GCCX site out there

@“hellomrkearns”#p92063 what a beautiful, clean design for a website.

websites should still look like this!

@“hellomrkearns”#p92063 Its a whopper of a website.

alex would be great on the ic podcast. maybe the time zones make it difficult

If you are reading this within approx. 9 hours of posting, unless I've run in to technical difficulties I should have a stream running of GCCX Season 14, with some feline-based interstitials between each episode.

Why s14? I generated a random number and that is what I got.

I'm running a stress test of some OBS settings and setup. The twitch chat will likely be unattended because not too long from now there is a high chance that I will be asleep, or at the very least quite flaked out and just watching without a keyboard in reach.

If you are reading this within 19-20 hours of posting, there is a chance that the stream is still up and running a loop of the season -- unless I've stopped it or something has broken.

If you feel like seeing some gccx s14 and some cats, then please feel free to have a peek. If it is considerably later than those times, then the channel will be offline. Unless it isn't, because I'm doing something else!

@“rejj”#p125769 Thanks for posting this! Leaving it on in the background while I get some work done this morning.

If anyone wants the current rerun channel: