Game different.

this kid also had the single most insane moment of gamer rage I‘ve ever seen by far. Maybe to ever happen. I don’t think I can post about it here though lol it's sort of upsetting

@“yeso”#p106671 did he like, cause physical harm to a living creature?

yes :frowning:


This is Mac gaming adjacent so I'm putting it here


Man Apple Arcade is a weird service but it kinda rules. Fantasian is worth checking out for the art style alone, but there‘s some other really good stuff on there like the new Pocket Card Jockey, that weird Yu Suzuki thing with the knockoff Queen soundtrack, Shinsekai, Easy Come Easy Golf, Card of Darkness, Grindstone… I don’t really understand what they‘re trying to do with Arcade overall and it’s wildly uneven as a service There are large periods of time where they only release junk.

But then at least once a year they out of nowhere drop an exclusive from a critically acclaimed developer, a long-awaited sequel, or something that's just weird and interesting. And then there was that one time a while back where they dropped like 20 games in one day and there were about half a dozen bangers in there. Absolutely bizarre. But it's in the Apple One tier I pay for anyway so, uh, might as well use it?


@“sdate”#p107044 ported to PS Vita

Holy moly, that's wicked!!


@“sdate”#p107048 no Vita thread


This says a lot about the current state of Mac gaming.

@“tomjonjon”#p107300 lmao Apple, that's not how you treat one of the devs who made your platform what it is.

Any folks in here know of any resources/forums that have guides for maintaining older Apple machines? Specifically Apple ]['s and Mac Classics.

@“tomjonjon”#p109336 I'll try to dredge up others.

Finally getting into this thread.

@"pasquinelli"#p106046 Dude I could have told you black shades by name with only a few words of description. That game is great. Me and friends spent a good amount of time going into the config .txt files and breaking things. Turns out if you turn the difficulty way down (or something?) assassin's models start just drifting apart into bits and you get a like tornado of body parts whirling around the VIP until somehow something clicks and a dude's knife attack triggers. Can increase bullet impact force, etc. A great time.

This game defined my loathing for most FPS in which your hands don't exist in reality, and planted the seed for me to love [Trespasser]( If a game as simple as this can do free-aim with working sights effectively, what the goddamn hell were people doing for all these years?? (I thought as a non-FPS player)

I had forgotten until getting to @"sdate"#p107044's post that black shades was the way I got into following Wolfire games, whose output was largely focused on Lugaru and subsequently Overgrowth, which was the first place I saw a dev really work on reverse kinematics and [dynamic animation]( Super stellar stuff to have followed back on their youtube in the day.

Ahhhh OK now we are cooking - I found black shades through the UDevGame contest, which was RIFE with dope-ass mac-only games in the early 2000's. I haven't even cracked into scrounging those depths yet, don't have too much hope that archive was able to keep any of those files around, but that's a vein worth mining.

Alright, I have another metric ton of things to say about gaming on a mac, as I seem to be the kid who you all went over to their house to play KidPix at. Basic lineage for now:
Mac SE/30 - somehow my dad had one that his work was just getting rid of - my dream computer to acquire and [get back up and running](
Then a Performa (Color WOW, could now compete against neighbor's down the street with a Quadra and external CD drive and Lode Runner: The Legend Returns and Muppet Treasure Island), with a massive amount of pack-in software that is just dope as shit that I could write a post about. Other limited-game-option purchases like [Gridz](, and [Bonkheadz Deluxe](
Then a green iMac, and the world of Diablo II, Broodwar custom maps, first internet connection. Also fed by shareware off of [Mac Addict CDs]( [Connectix]( virtual game station. (Also later used that Performa as a TV tuner to plug a later-aquired PS1 into and play FF7 in my room when the iMac was downstairs, which really meant I'd made it in the world.)
Then lastly a G4 tower, who went with me to college, did it's darndest. Overheating the video card trying to play SimCity 4. Woke me up a few times going into jet engine mode with its fans at 3:30AM.

I will say that the peak of the macintosh operating system (in my eyes) is PowerPC architecture running 7.5.3. Keep that shit bare bones and not a PC. Running PC software on a mac still equates to running [what my mind considered an emulator]( rather than booting some wine business or whatever the whippersnappers are up to today.

As such, getting an OS 7.5 emulator up and running on handhelds is a primary target of mine, once I realized that it was a possibility with the PSP. I'll write about that someday, but will stop for now.


@“MDS-02”#p110022 Wolfire

I used to follow those dev updates for Overgrowth semi-religiously. I think they may have been my first ever glimpse into what game development looks like.


I will say that the peak of the macintosh operating system (in my eyes) is PowerPC architecture running 7.5.3. Keep that shit bare bones and not a PC.

Had a question about this answered by an interesting and [extremely nerdy article]( on the subject of 7.5 vs 7.6.

Death Stranding 2 an Apple Arcade exclusive?


@“Tradegood”#p118512 did this just happen at WWDC??

@“connrrr”#p118514 Yep, they announced Death Stranding 1 is coming to Mac, along with a new development kit and less input latency on their M2 chip, and ya Kojima was in the keynote haha.

@“Tradegood”#p118516 I hope they keep this up until FFXIV gets a native Apple silicon port.

Apple is entering the AR/VR headset space with Vision Pro. Will they succeed where Sony, Meta, and Valve are scraping by?


Looks like it's more of a ~~streaming device and lets you stream~~ whole entire computer you wear on your head, and you can download Apple Arcade games from the app store. There's no dedicated controller. The os seems to be controlled by your eyes, hand gestures, and voice... interesting.