Game Feel

My favorite tactile sensation in games is handling the wonderfully rounded edges of a Wii U disk.

One of my least favorite is the feeling of pulling out a too-stiffly-gripped cartridge from a slot (looking at you, super NT)

What are notable game-related tactile experiences for you?

I like that part in Metal Gear Solid where you use the vibration from the dualshock to massage your arm for a second

delightful favourite: the clickety-snap-thimp of folding my Galaxy Style New 3DS XL shut.

least enjoyable: having to wangle around to the back of the TV to plug or unplug various cables.


@“MDS-02”#p67578 ne of my least favorite is the feeling of pulling out a too-stiffly-gripped cartridge from a slot (looking at you, super NT)

We are buddies. Every time I try to remove a switch cart I feel like I’m about to break something.

Best feel is smacking an arcade button (I prefer either Sanaa or Semitsu) as hard as you want because you are an adult and you’re not ever going to hit it hard enough to break it. This also applies to the 10-y-o demographic because one of my son’s friends was over playing _Puzzle Bobble_ last weekend and she commented “I like hitting the buttons. It’s very satisfying.” Same, kiddo. Same.

Neo Geo buttons/sticks. Whether you‘re playing on a console or on the go, they just feel good. The smooth action of the Mega Drive’s volume slider is an understated favourite too :smiley:

Oh wait! You know when you press the eject button on a SNES _just so_ and the cart pops out and neatly falls flat on its back on top of the console? That!

Least favourite has got to be connecting arcade boards up to a JAMMA harness. No matter where I am or the size/shape/weight of the hardware, it's always uncomfortably fiddly.

Best is lifting your arms after entering the commands for a super move that kills your opponent in any fighting game, before the hit has actually landed. Also works when you backstab or riposte finish someone in a souls game.

Bonus if you can whip out a joint and light it and then put your hands behind your head while you take a big drag

The Mega Drive all around is a wonderful tactile experience. The volume slider is indeed great, but my favorite part is the klak! of the power on button which remains the best console switch experience in the business. Only the Reset button is slightly inconvenient but that makes sense! And its soft plastic ages well.

Worst gotta be removing a PlayStation Portable Universal Media Disc®. Speaking from recent experience : you are never sure whether it is the right time to remove the disc, the lid feels like it will snap whenever you flip it open and there is a genuine non-zero chance the UMD will fly out.

the taste of nintendo switch cartridges

i'm a simple man, i like to squeeze a trigger, and my favourites are the gamecube and dualsense


@“whatsarobot”#p67600 least enjoyable: having to wangle around to the back of the TV to plug or unplug various cables.

i actually love to do this!

Worst feeling for me is playing any kind of portable gaming device because I get a tension headache from tilting my head downward

We're talking a lot about buttons, switches, pullstrings, ejecting and inserting and so on but I present to you

_**HOLDING**_ the Wii remote

[upl-image-preview url=//]

[size=9]NB this hand doesn't seem to be gripping it in the most comfortable way, don't do this

@“Venus Emperor”#p67667 all handhelds should come with a papasan chair to curl up in.

I like smacking the rumble pak into a trident like the magazine into a pistol.

I dislike the sensation of accidentally snagging the Wii sensor bar and pulling it down from its perch on my television.

The clacky smack and the clicky push of sanwa buttons and levers will always be therapeutic for me.

@“Syzygy”#p67682 may we see this cat??? (to publicly shame them)

I love the feeling of navigating the Wii menu with the Wii remote, the subtle vibrations are so satisfyingly and nice. I love the NeoGeo Pocket stick. I love popping a VMU into a Dreamcast controller. I love sliding in credit-card-like media (like HuCards), those feel the best. I love the soft matte finish on the DSi.

[This thing](, the MyArcade NES-to-Famicom adapter, is the worst, though. The internet says it's the best NES-Famicom adapter, but every time I have to take a Famicom cartridge out of it, it genuinely feels like I'm gonna shatter the cartridge, just candy-colored shards and PCB shrapnel everywhere. Maybe I have a bad one, but it actively keeps me from playing Famicom games and that sucks


@“whatsarobot”#p67600 delightful favourite: the clickety-snap-thimp of folding my Galaxy Style New 3DS XL shut.

Pulled out my 3DS XL to hear this sound the second I read this. Such a pleasing sound, like cracking open a Tricorder on Star Trek.

I'll add the feeling of sliding a PSP Go open and shut to the list. Definitely near the top of my favourite handheld systems - the combination of sliding it open to wake, feeling the screen lock into place, and the ease of getting in and out of a game was perfect for long late night commutes.

being serious, this is all very important to me. part of why I only use original hardware and why I don‘t go for aftermarket parts. agree with chau that mega drive is king. feels like I’m working a switchboard. truly premium feel.

holding R button on an original GBA to make wario run and smash through blocks
inserting a wonderswan cartridge
inserting a wonderswan battery
playing wonderswan
DMG buttons in a famicom controller
mega drive japanese cartridges (chonk)
n64 cartridges
pushing reset button on an original playstation
putting a disc into a gamecube
pushing the eject button on a fat PS2
hitting reset on super famicom
hitting rest on sega mega drive model 1
hitting power on sega mega drive model 2
scanning an e-reader card(s)
tasting a nintendo switch game cartridge
the smell of a freshly opened pack of pokemon / yu gi oh cards
pullin the battery tab out of a tamagotchi for the first time
psone power button
gamecube power / reset buttons
gameboy color A and B buttons
pocket pikachu vpet d-pad
game & watch (in general)
connecting two digital monsters to bateru
shaking a digivice
connecting a GBA to a gamecube and taking the animal island softo with you for the day
playing vmu, pocket station, wonderswan or pokewalker games
the clicky stick of the neo geo pocket color, playing sonic with it
playing a game on UMD in a psp (no one does this anymore, nor do I, lol. but that was so cool)
doing a soft reset with a controller
playing 3D games with 2D controls
original pc engine power switch, putting a system into the briefcase unit
smuggling a gameboy micro into prison/across boarders


@“treefroggy”#p67784 putting a disc into a gamecube

It's just got the perfect spindle! I can't believe I considered getting rid of my cube. I'm devoted to it now.

I like how you can press a Nintendo DS start button and- as long as it is quick and you don‘t hold the button down- the console wouldn’t turn off. It is a fun little move to do while waiting for something to load and feels like a forbidden secret.

EDIT: Sorry, not the start button, the POWER button.


@“treefroggy”#p67784 pocket pikachu vpet d-pad

> connecting two digital monsters to bateru

> shaking a digivice

hell yes!