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who else read this? the IC podcast is BIASED toward EGM but this was my magazine of choice as a child. my friend‘s older brother had a sub and i was permitted to take home his old issues. eventually i got a sub of my own and every month when it arrived my dad would come in with the mail holding it up and saying loudly "i’ll just throw this in the trash" lol

my mom recently sent me several boxes of my old gaming stuff and they're mostly full of old game informers. i'm really struck by the total lack of professionalism, like they'll review a fishing game for GBC and 90% of the review content is just one long dick joke, and then they give it a 5/10 lol. it felt like i was just hanging out for a while every month with some (all white and male) friends

I have more distinct memories of reading, re-reading, saving, and displaying Nintendo Power and EGM.

I have... recollections... of having occasionally read _Game Informer._ It was kind of like the gaming magazine I would get as a stocking stuffer once I had a subscription to EGM, because my mom knew I liked gaming mags and perhaps assumed there was a bigger difference than there was.

I had a bias against _Game Informer_ but I certainly can't recall why, even if the journalism, critique, features, and/or format in one were definitely overall better in other magazines. Did EGM have better coverage of Japanese games or Playstation stuff? When I read magazines I would get cover Nintendo coverage with _Nintendo Power_ obviously and then rely on _EGM_ for everything else, and then as well eventually just getting Nintendo coverage from _EGM_ also.

I can't remember far back enough to feel I had a real critical reasoning for not favoring _Game Informer._ Maybe it's just one of those things where you end up preferring the one that you get used to first, and, well, it's not like these publications had a whole lot of exclusive stuff. For context, I started reading Nintendo Power in 1999 (mid-late Nintendo 64 era) and EGM in 2001, which might help frame that opinion. So I guess to me _Game Informer_ was a publication that would remind me of stuff I read in _EGM,_ mostly.

Sorry for posting about _Nintendo Power_ and _EGM_ in your thread about _Game Informer_

i was a hardcore gamefan and so read the magazine that was appropriate for me. gamefan was my name brand and the others were generic.

gamefan was the nofx of game magazines, and that was perfect for the kind of moron i was.


@“pasquinelli”#p59483 gamefan was the nofx of game magazines, and that was perfect for the kind of moron i was.

I suppose this makes _Nintendo Power_ the Green Day and EGM the The Offspring

@“Gaagaagiins”#p59484 i can't argue.

ok which one was propagandhi then? genuinely don't know

I said some combination of words in a gamestop once and wound up with a subscription. I have to claim EGM alliance though, that‘s the magazine I bought on purpose. For some reason I was under the impression GI was more advertorial and not independent but I guess that’s wrong


@“tapevulture”#p59487 ok which one was propagandhi then? genuinely don’t know

I've already extended far past the extent of my knowledge of pop punk

EGM all the way but whenever I was just hanging in a Gamestop after school I‘d grab the new GI issue and read it in there while hiding behind a rack of clearance PS1/2 games or somethin’. GI was actually how I discovered SMT though, I read a review of Persona 3 in there and decided I needed to get it.

@“Syzygy”#p59492 i haven‘t thought of tips & tricks in forever. in my recollection it was very thin and very dense, like a coupon booklet, and it makes me want go out and buy one at the thriftway by my house, but that’s another world i'm thinking of.

I used to read game informer but at a certain point I was informed of games

ok so i will take it to mean no one on the forums subbed to GI. i am considering leaving the forums

@“tapevulture”#p59529 but we need a game informer informer.

NP then EGM. Worked at EB Games and got a ton of free mags with demo disks. Amazing that gaming survived with that 90/00's marketing.

Circa 2006 Official Xbox Magazine on point for IC tho:

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>!Tell your friends you know more than they do.!<

@“tapevulture”#p59529 I had a subscription! It was because a gamestop cashier tricked me with their power up rewards college words fancy talk though

@“yeso”#p59545 my wife talked me into it when we bought something at gamestop. she and the cashier teamed up on me.

that's more or less how it went

as a kid who liked libraries but couldn't con his parents into getting him a magazine subscription, game informer was the magazine for me. I remember really liking their little lists and the smaller broken up reviews that took up less than a page but the full features bored me, even with all the graphics & quips.

I would say game informer is the _fall out boy_ of video games. they were huge at the time & I thought they were really clever as a kid & then realized as an older teen how misogynistic some of that writing was.

@“yeso”#p59489 i think later period game informer, after the logo was changed to this, was pretty advertorial

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the logo and magazine design changed after gamestop bought funcoland (which owned GI) in 2000. i remember a marked increase in cover stories for bullshit games that i didn't care about around this time, especially licensed ones that were still in development. i think in a couple cases the game didn't actually even come out

the golden age was when they led every issue with a quality mid-90s photoshop job like this. these got the axe immediately after the gamestop takeover

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lol I definitely missed that era