Game of Themes

I was listening to some older episodes and I quite enjoy Jaffe’s “guess the common theme” style questions, so I figured that would be a fun new game thread for the forums!

First one to guess the common element among the listed games takes over for the next round! For extra insert credit, maybe list another game that fits the theme. I’m not sure if we should specify how many games should be on the list each round, but I propose sticking to five.

Here’s my first teaser, _good luck!_

  • - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • - Nier: Automata
  • - God of War (2018)
  • - Portal 2
  • - Grim Fandango
  • @kory#32747 I was going to shoot for “they’re all sequels” but I don’t think Grim Fandango is a sequel.

    ….Are there Automata-esque machines in God of War?

    They all are games that I have started but never completed, i win!

    in all seriousness, I perceive like a theme of robots or forms of life being repurposed and/or controlled by an external thing or something like that

    @ana-yipyip#32754 That was my guess, too, but I don‘t know if there’s any mechanical life in God of War, and I don't think it figures too heavily (if at all) into Grim Fandango.

    @Video_Game_King#32756 yeah, i kind of expanded that into life forms being possesed because I guess it could kind of fit with spirits or something like that in both GoW and Grim Fandango but I‘ve only played both of of them for around an hour so I don’t really know

    @Video_Game_King#32756 I don‘t think GoW 2018 has anything like this really. Not that I remember anyway. A tough one to start! Great idea for a game though @kory - I’m excited to play!

    None of these guesses so far—just wanted to say by “theme” I don’t necessarily mean it in the literary sense…the common element here is something a bit more concrete. Also, one of these games I have not played a lick of, so take from that what you will (let’s just say a deep intimate knowledge of the story/lore is not really necessary!).

    I’ll let people puzzle it out more before dropping too many hints—I have faith!

    In the first four of them you have a companion running around after you but I don‘t think that’s true of Grim Fandango…

    @captain#32774 are they all big friend little buddy games?

    @CidNight#32775 Please let's use the academic term “babychild-bigfriend situation”

    @captain#32777 you and @CidNight are definitely on the right track, though it’s something more specific! Beware, it’s kinda dumb!

    There's no fist bump or hand interaction like that in Sonic 2, is there?

    @captain#32777 Dang it! I knew I wasn‘t quite right. But was too lazy to watch the first hour and a half of Tim’s Last of Us Review to check.


    @kory#32779 kinda dumb

    Well if we were on the right track it can't be that they all have an O in their names...

    @CidNight#32782 You mean to tell me this isn't part of your _daily vocabulary???_

    Is it that the all-business main character‘s sense of morality/conscience is externalized in their companion character? Again feeling this doesn’t apply to Grim Fandango but not entirely sure

    @captain#32789 Not the O in the title thing, though I do like your approach here

    @captain#32790 This is definitely _not_ it, but I like that I am now trying to shoehorn this theme into each of the entries on my list...

    This _might_ work with Nier? It's kind of the opposite with Portal 2, and perhaps borderline with Grim Fandango. GoW is the one I haven't played, but that sounds like a plausible "babychild-bigfriend" dynamic! Sonic...well...LMAO

    all of those games feature an orange-ish sidekick/babychild?

    edit: i just rembered that glados is the one with the orange eye-light thingy, not wheatley, and also I don't know why but 9s's soul strikes me as orange

    @ana-yipyip#32797 You have correctly identified two of the babychildren I had in mind here! However, coloration is not the unifying thread I was thinking of.

    So I think we have to find a connection betwen:

    Miles Tails Prower from Sonic 2
    9S (or someone else?) from Nier Automata
    Glottis from Grim Fandango
    Atreus (kratos babychild) from GoW
    Weathley (or glados? potato glados?) from portal 2

    I was going to say that they all kind of fly but that isn't true of most of them

    I think that the fact the that @kory hasn't played GoW is somehow a clue, because the kid in that game strikes me as the more normal and simpler character of all the babychilds

    Maybe someone else can figure it out with this clues?