GAME over?

For fellow Brits, this is a bit of shocking news to say the least:

For non-Brits, GAME is a UK store that had a huge market in pre-owned titles amongst many other things. Think GameStop in the US, which is the best example, as at one point GAME was owned by them (Via ownership of Electronics Boutique).

I worked in GAME for a while, working my way up to store manager and shopped there for many more. It's very strange to see how they are now and what as a business they're doing. They have quite a history, including multiple stores in the same town due to insane growth - they had another line of stores called GameStation which was always seen as the cooler version of GAME, without most people knowing they were the same company. And there's the big story about when they went into administration (I saw this first hand, working in a GameStation and the GAME opposite me shutting down that morning!), but seeing them giving up what was one of their biggest strengths, being able to trade in really seems shocking.

If you want to read more about GAME [wikipedia]( has a good article about their history. But if you want to know more, ask any Brit here about their experiences in GAME.

I'd say when I'm there I'd go to CeX - but having been a shopper in the Rathbone Place store and going back years later to see basically a GAME store, I think I'll pass on that one too.

Share your memories of GAME - as I really don't see it being around much more now!

I‘ve largely gone into GAME in the last few years for, of all things, limited release stuff - not store exclusive stuff, I should add. From memory I’ve walked in and picked up the physical version of Baten Kaitos remastered, NES and SNES Minis when they were both scarce online, Twilight Princess HD Limited Edition (my buddy wanted the amiibos), and a bunch of other stuff that ends up immediately disappearing online. I do swing by every now and again but the one in my city has been in three different places in the last two years; first its own shop in a mall, then in a corner of the top floor of a branch of House of Frasier department store before that shut down, and now there‘s not much more than a kiosk in the back of a basement of a Sport’s Direct - it does look like it's going to get its own standalone store on the high street soon enough though.

On those recent excursions there have been some pretty good deals going on games, even cheaper than online. GAME had a real bad rep for years for having games be full price long after other places had discounted them, and that the discounts that they did do were meagre. Not so much any more!

My fondest memory was going to the midnight launch of the GameCube with my dad at my local one, which was, a half hour drive through a bunch of winding, unlit, narrow roads, and I picked up Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - I made some good choices! I remember there being maybe about 30 people show up and there was a pretty neat atmosphere there.

My other fond memory was in 2013. I'd met up with a buddy of mine from school that I'd lost contact with, and we wandered into GAME. He spotted a copy of the first Borderlands game and said he wanted to play it with someone, and I said that I had it but hadn't got around to getting people to play with me, and we started reconnecting and hanging out again through playing that.

I also bought a brand new copy of Quake 2 for N64 for £4 in a promotion and subsequently sold it back to the same branch about a year later for more than I paid for it. My local branch had tonnes of loose N64 games and I enjoyed browsing through them, grabbing a handful and playing them at home almost in a channel hopping fashion. I wish I'd explored the shop a bit more at the time but I could only afford one system so the N64 dumpster section was what I gravitated to.

during the ps3/360 years, we went into GAME looking for a ps2 multitap. they found one in a basket of loose peripherals with no price tag. we were quoted the fee of “some biscuits,” procured a selection of Iceland's finest sweet crunchy biscuits and were playing 4-player tekken tag that evening.

I worked in a GAME for a year. The first week I worked there the big release was Soul Calibur 2 and we sold a LOT of copies.

Bad company to work for but some of the staff were cool. One of them used to run 16 player Halo LAN nights which is where I met an ex-girlfriend who also worked at the store. The take away near him did good pizza. The rest of it was regrettable.

Best memory is the midnight launch of the 360. They were in short supply and I needed a gold dust-like VGA cable. Got the console, the cable, 5 or 6 launch games and Prince of Persia the Two Thrones on PS2. Good atmosphere in the crowd there.

Years later I went into a Game Station and the nimrod manager there was trying to show off to a new lady staff member and tried to tell me that Fable 3 and Gears 3 were coming to the PS3. A Sony rep had been in and told him earlier. My eyes rolled so hard they shot out of my head.

I feel really bad for the staff every time something happens to GAME but they're a poorly run company that couldn't work out how to keep up. My local store has become a Korean food store so that's a bonus.

When my wife and I visited Scotland a few years ago I was able to pop into a GAME in Edinburgh. It seemed pretty similar to Gamestop in the US as far as vibe and feel go. I don't think I bought anything but everyone there was really nice to obvious tourist me.

Can anyone link a local news broadcast covering this? Need to hear the accent

@“treefroggy”#p148802 Shocking as it may be, I doubt it'll make the telly or even radio news. That said you may find YouTubers reacting to it in a variety of accents so prepare for subtitles!

Edit - found one from a gent in South Wales:

Love that accent!

@“Tom of the Fog”#p148810 perfect, thanks, I have a strong welsh ancestry prior to the colonization of the americas so good to know that my kinsmen are on the ground reporting this matter

Company-sponsored staff game nights seems like a no-brainer

“… then go to gamestation, you **ninny**!”
Hell yeah

I wonder if besides the general decline in physical media purchases in favor of downloads, if there is also a decline among those who purchase physical copies in ever trading those in. If physical media is the realm of the collector and not of those just looking to play the latest releases, then perhaps those buying physical media are less likely to trade it back in a month or two after purchase.

@“Tom of the Fog”#p148771 When I was assisting a study abroad trip during a summer in the early 2010s, I went to a GAME store to get a charger for my DS. It seemed like a good place, similar enough to GameStop that it made me briefly homesick as I browsed the Wii and DS holdings.

Worth mentioning that GAME's trade in prices were the worst around and everyone knows how to use eBay now.

GAME shut down completely in Australia years ago. I remember they had all the games in hard clear plastic cases so flicking through them was kinda noisy, but it meant they weren’t gutted so they were better than most other places selling new games. I don’t remember what their second hand prices were like but I assume it was the usual 5% less than getting a new copy.

my brother is moving and, while shopping for furniture, discovered this. £400!


Sorry to hear about Eagleland losing GAME. It seemed to be so popular in 199X


@“Tradegood”#p152371 Seems like the Sharks were the only arcade goers in town.