game piles

at the moment my game pile is:

  • 1. dragon quest 11
  • 2. obduction
  • 3. yakuza kiwami 2
  • 4. lunacy
  • 5. pathologic 2
  • and now that _the longing_ is out on switch, i'll probably add that.

    this situation is causing me distress. games take too damn long. i think i'll just get into recreational math instead.

    This is only the moment's pile (it changes constantly), but mine is:

  • 1. Saga Frontier Remastered (trying not to bounce off like I did the original, ver. 100K)
  • 2. Etrian Odyssey V (AGAIN)
  • 3. Kid Icarus Uprising (AGAIN)
  • 4. Fez (Switch ver., trying not to bounce off this time)
  • 5. Stella Glow (oddly, the only game I haven't played at least once before)
    EDIT: Oh wait, also:
  • 6. Crimzon Clover (Switch)
  • 7. Blue Revolver
    Turns out I can't even be honest with myself about how bad my game pile problem is, haha.
  • I'll add R-Type Final 2 in a few weeks <sigh>

    (Hmm, maybe I should start a Saga thread? I'm trying really hard to _get it_ this time but I'm worried that I'm overthinking it, like I do on every single big RPG, ever.)

    This is a good thread idea!

    My pile:

  • 1. Finish Kentucky Route Zero (Act V)
  • 2. Ongoing playthrough of Dragon Quest XI that I am moving slowly through
  • 3. Katamari Damacy Re-Roll (Never Played!)
  • 4. Dark Souls 3
  • 5. Disco Elysium (Hopefully I have finished some of my stack by the time this comes to Xbox)
  • TBD - When I get around to it

  • 6. Coffee Talk
  • 7. Sekiro
  • @Karasu#26509 i once tried to “get” the music of alexander scriabin by listening to nothing but his collected preludes for 3 months while working from my walk-in closet. i don't know if i got it, but i got something.

    Actively playing pile:

  • - Metroid Zero Mission
  • - Kentucky Route Zero
  • - Mario Vs Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem
  • - Streets of Rage 1, 2 & 4
  • - Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap
  • - Burnout Revenge (Xbox360)
  • - Pac-Man CE & CE DX
  • @pasquinelli#26513 Lol, you don‘t know me in person, so it’s kind of amazing that you described my “tendency to overthink things that I‘m trying to like or have been told I would probably like until I maybe don’t like them, even though I might have liked them, if I had just been casual about them” so perfectly!


    @tomjonjon#26514 Mario Vs Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem

    i never knew there was a sequel to mario vs. donkey kong

    been feeling overwhelmed by the pile lately. nice to have a place to display it… proudly… horrified…

    i'm very slow


  • 1. earthbound
  • 2. yakuza 0
  • 3. suikoden
  • 4. ace combat 5
  • up next:

  • 1. dragon quest v ds
  • 2. max payne
  • later:

  • 1. metroid prime 1 & 2 (replay)
  • 2. the world ends with you (replay)
  • 3. kentucky route zero
  • once i'm done with the current round of games in "playing" i think i might stop and focus on other stuff for a while

    suikoden II


    dear substance of kin

    suikoden III

    suikoden iv

    suikoden v

    I’m happy to see Kentucky Route Zero showing up on so many lists.


  • - Ikaruga
  • - Disco Elsyium (replaying after the big update)
  • Up next:

  • - Returnal
  • - Earthbound (I’ve started this like 3 times and need to just play through it)
  • - VILLAGE: RE8
  • I try not to keep a “backlog” and play things that fit my mood or that I’m really excited about.

    The only games in my “pile” are the physical ones that I'm currently in the middle of playing - in this case, Project X Zone 2 and Super Robot Wars Z3. Everything else I reserve for the backlog.

    I don‘t know if I have a pile per se. I usually just have one game I’m playing at a time, and then 1-3 I may play once I'm finished with the active one, and the 1-4 can be somewhat lugubrious–some games stay in there for years, some for only weeks.

    With a special category reserved for Factorio which I may choose to start playing again, usually unplanned, generally in between other games.

    I did finish it last night but Active Game is, I suppose, Disco Elysium (don't worry @yeso I'll collect some thoughts about it soon).

    The Pile, as it were, is thus:

  • 1. Planescape: Torment
  • I have only ever gotten totally, obsessively engrossed with the first few hours, then after, lacked the mental wherewithal to continue it. Disco Elysium got me thinking about it as a game with a similar gameplay/player interaction vibe.

  • 1. a) Planescape: Tides of Numenera
  • I might be in the mood for this after Planescape: Torment. We'll see.

    Hmmm... I think that's it for now, actually.

    @pasquinelli#26519 I’m digging it, although I never played the GBA game. This one uses the stylus which works well.

    Pile, I like it. I have a couple set pile slots these days that games go in and out of.

    Switch slot: Grandia II
    PC slot: Horizon Zero Dawn
    Co-op slot: Halo 2

    I've been playing the last few games in the PC slot in Spanish. I feel like I need a second angle to justify spending the time with these modern AAA games in a way that I don't with a classic JRPG or something, for some reason. Been a good language-learning move though, I think.

    **Previous pile, for fun.**
    Switch: Zelda Buffet (Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity)
    PC: Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Co-op: A Way Out

    **Next pile!?**
    Switch slot: New Pokémon Snap
    PC: FFVIIR? *fingers crossed* If that doesn't exist, maybe Yakuza 7
    Might give the co-op slot a break and play a little Fantasian...


    @pasquinelli#26504 i think i’ll just get into recreational math instead.

    lol there was literally a period of my life where i gave up games in hopes of becoming a mathematician. what winds up happening is the pile of games you need to play gets replaced with a pile of textbooks you need to read. there’s no way to escape from the curse of the pile!



    Alliance Alive

    Streets of Rage 3


    My son making me play Astro's Playroom a lot. it sucks

    Currently playing:

    Cave Noire (GB)

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS)

    Patapon (PSP)

    Puyo Puyo Champions (PS4)

    Sonic Mania (PS4)

    TxK (Vita)

    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilema (3DS)

    And now that I'm fully vaccinated, I'm starting to try going back to the arcade again. I'm playing way too many things at once!

    @tapevulture#26595 I adore the Strrets of Rage series but the sound/music in 3 is too shrill for me to get into it. What do you think of the game?

    @tomjonjon#26660 love it :slight_smile: the music is right up my alley and it works together with the sound design in that the soundtrack basically becomes the shrill electronic noise you describe, punctuated with the sounds of dudes getting the shit kicked out of them and screaming when they die. basically it goes very hard. and to me all that is of a piece with how fast the game plays. but can totally appreciate how the soundtrack wouldn‘t be everyone’s cup of tea lol

    Right now I‘m bouncing back and forth between Final Fantasy VII and LA Noire, with some Overwatch in between, but once I finish those two I am going to finally get around to Demon’s Souls and Pokemon Shield. I‘m trying to shake the concept of a “pile of shame” because it’s not super healthy and at points its like I‘m just forcing myself through a game out of obligation, so I’m just trying to spend my time playing games with games I‘m really interested in. One day, though–I will finally get to Dragon’s Dogma and finally see what all the fuss is about.