(Game) Puns that don't work

Maybe this doesn‘t substantiate a whole thread, but I couldn’t think of another place to wonder about this. I don‘t mean to ponder dad jokes, or even bad jokes. I am curious if y’all can conjure any puns, game related or otherwise, that just don't work, even if they seem like they should.

This is something far too subtle for me to describe better than that. The example that has been bothering me is a cocktail name on the menu at my recently started job - Super Mango Bros. It's a drink with this mango cream we make, basically a pina colada. I don't find it funny at all; it doesn't _really_ evoke Super Mario Bros without thinking about it; it doesn't roll off the tongue or rhyme with the reference; it doesn't even say anything clever about the drink.

However, it shares the bulk of the letters with SMB, even having the "o" at the end of mango, which should help with the gag. Unfortunately, I think it falls flat.

So, have you seen this phenomenon? Is this something that happens, or is it my own bored interpretation of someone's misguided attempt to convince twenty-something's to drink a sweet drink with an umbrella?

When Air Twister was announced, the first thing that came to mind was “Panzer Gooose.” Get it, because it has an extra o?? Turns our “Panzer Dragoose” works way better…that second syllable is really key. I‘m not sure if this fits your bill (HA like a goose…still doing the goose thing!), but I feel like a detrimental amount of my brain cycles are wasted on (game) puns that don’t work.

Some friends use to run raids on Borderlands 2 so often I took to saying “Borderlands, more like Bore-derlands amiright?” in a Billy Madison voice as they booed me out of the living room.


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@“Donkald Kongregate”#p72921 this one is a bit tenuous, but it works slightly

@"kingnothing"#p72919 this is just a classic. Low hanging fruit sure, but still good

@“kory”#p72896 I don't know if Panzer Gooose works as wordplay, but it at least works as a joke about a house being a tank