Game Start-Up/Boot Logos

I bought Seek and Destroy for PlayStation 2 this week and found the Takara start up pretty charming. Sounds like it was recorded 100 years ago.

Always liked the Technos Japan start up with the little song that makes it sounds like school is about to start or something

Vic Tokai is good too



Digital Eclipse

Off the top of my head, the one that pops up in my head a lot is Bomberman‘s shrill voice shouting “BY HUDSON!” I love it, I love Bomberman’s dumb voice telling me this game is by Hudson.

The Konami logo always stuck out to me, too. Specifically the 16bit era one, which will always make me think of either Sparkster or Goemon.

Also Konami related, and it seems to just be in The Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on the N64, but I loved the logo for the _Goemon Production Committee_ right after the Konami logo, and just before the opening theme.

Neo Geo Boot Screen

And the remake of the boot screen song for the new SNK Logo


Can't believe nobody beat me to KYACHI ZA HAATO! TAAAITO!

I'm a huge fan of the Bandai one (and frankly the Bandai logo is my favorite logo on earth probably.)

I was always amused by the contrast in the PlayStation era Konami logo - the Japanese games have a cute one with the logo walking in to a little jingle and the US one has the word Konami blasting its way out of rock. And yes, they did replace it for US releases of Japanese games.. Nocturne in the Moonlight has the cute one and Symphony of the Night has the extreme one.

The Konami 16 bit laser tracing the logo is candy to me, as is the Capcom fade in. But I also like the Capcom 32-bit one with all the cubes.

The way those lil‘ Yoshis say “Nintendo” at the start of Yoshi’s Story has always had a special place in my heart.

Tecmo - Monster Rancer (PSX)

That little disc start up noise is perfect.

Capcom - all good, but I like that green laser one from Mega Man Legends

Se-Ga (turn this up and annoy the neighbours)

@JJSignal#3142 I don‘t know why it’s titled this way; but I thought this was fun.

Easily my favorite

Konami Bubble System warmup song has gotta be my favorite

@gyozaleaf beat me to the 90s capcom logos

I have to admit that I don't actually like the "by hudson" thing, despite loving hudson forever! I find it quite grating ;_;

Here's a needlessly lengthy one:

this kinda spooky data east one has a nice ring to it


this is a game logo rather than a company logo, but this always stuck with me and basically made me like Data West forever. Like... wow, they really had a good time making this, or at least finishing it.

Thanks to @exodus for educating me on this one.

and check out the [Retro Video Game Logo Project ]( more.

Played Evil Within for the first time tonight. Cool logo.

@hellomrkearns#29720 THAT IS WHAT HOT B STANDS FOR?!?!?!?

@JJSignal it has now been three weeks to the day since you posted that Hudson startup screen, & Bomberman‘s voice still hasn’t left my brain. It‘s embedded in there like some kinda Star Trek worm. I’ll be doing my dishes at home alone & just yell out “BY HUD-O-SON!!!” for absolutely no reason

@tokucowboy#32656 Good. BAI HADOSANG is permanently plasticized onto my brain, because Bomberman Party Edition for PS1 was one of like 2 games I had for my PS1 for several years.

the ubisoft title for rayman 1 is forever in my heart.

i loved the original cyan title, and the one from obduction is even better.

love all these

can't believe no one mentioned the super mario world sound

@pasquinelli#32684 Rayman was the other PS1 title I had.

Those PS1 games had such memorable intros.

That's Jackie saying “Radical Entertainment”

I have seen this particular logo build so many times I wouldn't dare try and count.