Game stuff that’s seen better days

Sun baked on a store shelf for years, sharpied to heck n back, thrashed labels, scuffed up and well used. Post pics of your favorite non-mint stuff!

Seeing this super solar-toasted box for Kurohige no Golf shiyouyo as I was going through some items to unload made me think of starting this thread.

The back edge that was spared from the exposure.

The bleaching makes me imagine it sitting in a display shelf for years on end till I picked it up. Can see a story.

This is my copy of EarthBound that I‘ve kept since I was in fourth grade. It’s not atrociously damaged or anything, but the sticker is obviously worn from years of being kept unprotected in various dusty shelves and drawers, and being left out in the open sitting proudly inside my SNES‘s cartridge slot. Sometimes I’ll see copies of the game in more pristine conditions in YouTube videos or eBay listings where the sticker is still glossy and crisp, and it makes me feel a little bad that my younger self wasn‘t more careful with storing my games. Only recently have I realized that this particular wear on my particular copy is unique to my experiences with it, with the fact that I played it so often and kept it as a part of my life for so long. Like your copy of Kurohige no Golf Shiyouyo, the imperfect label on my EarthBound cartridge tells a story. It says "this isn’t a collector's item, this is a cherished memory"

My childhood copy of The Sims on PS2 is still lookin as good as the day I bought it. Which I guess was May 2003 at Electronics Boutique as we called it back then.



I guess they used to put a sticker over the used game case so people wouldn't shoplift the discs

I've got a few!

Here's gamestop sending me a "new" copy of a game, which I've since sent off to somebody on the forums (I forget who!)

Here's when I used the dry erase method to get rid of someone's writing on an also-sun damaged cart.

This is arguably better than the original, so maybe is seeing better days NOW

caught this one loose over 10 years back for $40, i wanna say? label's in rougher shape than i'd usually go for, but the game is so gooood

This is one (Bug for the Saturn) I‘ve kept for 20 years because it blows my mind. It’s hard to photograph how deep and serious this scratch is. It goes across the whole disc, not to mention all the other micro scratches you see everywhere (extra hard to photograph). The reason it‘s so bizarre is the game works just fine. Never hitches up. I can’t explain it. Bug is inevitable and indestructible.


@“exodus”#p122360 holy hell, that‘s impressive! i once had to send back a golden axe: the duel because they let the disc slide around in the big case and it lightly dented a side, absolutely wouldn’t boot. it‘s the only saturn game i’ve ever had that happen!

@“exodus”#p122360 the previous owner had a grudge against Bug??


One time in between years in uni I was bringing some of my stuff back home and a bottle of India ink spilled all over my DS games, including Contact :(( and every Ace Attorney but the first one. Contact got off easy compared to the rest.