Gameboy Advance Soundtracks that Foreshadowed Console Compositions

True for many composers across many consoles, but there's something special for the proximity of the 32bit crunchy soundchip of the GBA being so close to the 7th generation consoles and the way the industry was moving at the point that caused some crossover that I find to be very enjoyable and not many people talk about.

from Motoi Sakuraba:
[Golden Sun - The Storm](
[Dark Souls - Firelink Shrine](

from Hitoshi Sakimoto:
this is not as much a 1:1 example as above, but anyone familiar with either soundtrack could hear this across almost every track. Identical instrumentation.
[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Painful Battle](
[Final Fantasy XII - The Royal City of Rabanastre, City Ward Upper Stratum (second movement)](