Gameboy_James watch Jamesboy Game

My best buddy (an IC podcast listener) non-poster is gonna do his first attempt at streaming later today I think it would be nice if I made a thread to get him a few potential views. He is a local coffee roaster and is in more than a few successful bands with actual vinyls (that seems impressive to me, idk I'm not in a band). His name is Gameboy James!

He's a good guy, we go back to Kindergarten. For whatever reason he only had access handhelds as his console until he was an adult. So he is probably one of the most valuable resources I know personally when it comes to the platform. I think he told me he's going to play some Megaman games to completion today. I'm not sure, he's still at work and has no idea I posted this!

He's live folks!!!

I'ma doing it!

He's having some stutter issues lol but is about to complete Wileys Revenge.

Homie has 10 viewers!

Wileys Revenge Credits rolling. On to the next game!

Apparently it's for mature audiences!?