Games about driving (not racing)

I want this; I want to drive the taxi in Barcelona.

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@“yeso”#p134969 extremely into what Szrot is doing, hope it comes out soon

I was super stoked for Pacific Drive during the lead up to release and played it for about a month straight until I beat it.

Overall, it was a great experience. The car modification aspect is obviously the star of the show here, and it’s all so fantastic. Not only do you have to be practical in the upkeep of your car as it takes tons of damage during your supply runs, but you can get really creative in how you outfit it to protect yourself from said damage. I found myself getting really attached to the car and would set out with this mint condition vehicle, so proud of the work I’d done to it, only to start getting bashed around during the first leg of the trip and feeling real, human emotions over watching this car get freakin wrecked.

I was gonna give a shout out to the taxi driving missions in Yakuza 5. Legit some of the best times I had during the Yakuza series. It was very calming to take a break from beating the crap out of everyone to just drive a car around the streets of Japan, obeying all the traffic laws and such.

On that note, I was going to ask for similar recommendations but it looks like that Barcelona taxi game might be exactly what I’m looking for.


As someone who failed their driving test in Barcelona -twice- this really piques my interest! I wonder how realistic they made it. In reality I think it’s quite an annoying city to drive in; lots of pedestrian areas blocking the way, stoplights every 100mts, and even when there’s no streetlight you are theoretically forced to fully stop at every intersection. Not to mention jaywalking is considered perfectly ok. I love it as a pedestrian but I would not want to drive there.

Barcelona looks a lot more recognisable than in The Wheelman, shame it wasn’t out when I made my little documentary about it.


i loved that video! i have no idea where i first found out about it tho, did you also post it on the action button discord? that might have been it

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maybe! Brandon also brought it up at the end of an episode of the show, which was a great honor!