Games For Gaza Bundle - Discussion and recommendations

"In response to the ongoing crisis in Gaza and occupied Palestine, we're creating this bundle to raise funds for the organization Medical Aid For Palestinians. All funds raised will go to the organization."

I bought this bundle immediately as soon as it was released, but if I remember right it was shortly after when the news had broken that Palestine lost telephone/internet connections. It seems like they‘re coming back up again, but I did wonder how the donations via this bundle and other means would get their way to those we’re trying to support. Does anyone know how the pipeline for stuff like this works? When these connections went down/if they go down again (obviously hoping they don‘t) will these e-donations still have a way to get where they’re supposed to go? Of course not trying to suggest anything about the effectiveness of the bundle itself or anything similar, I'm just wondering about how this stuff works in these kinds of situations.

@“Funbil”#p138787 I didn‘t organize this one but I can tell you how I do it - I make sure the org who’s getting the money is already doing work in the region and can reliably get services going there. The group chosen in this case seems to know what they‘re doing though I wasn’t aware of them previously.

@“Funbil”#p138787 I took a look at their website and MAP is primarily based in the UK, with offices in Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank.

Edit: what Brandon said lol

I‘m always interested in those one or two player GMless ttrpgs. I’ve not played any that I see at first glance, but I'll report back if I end up playing any.

this bundle was definitely an immediate purchase

near all the itch charity mega bundles throughout the past few years have been

i need to try to dig into them more, there's probably hundreds of games and many things that are buried in those wonderful bundles