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favorite games: warioland 2, nuclear throne, zeroranger

least favorite games: ......
ok ive been legitimately thinking about this for a few minutes and this is gonna sound dumb but I can't really think of a game thats my least favorite
the definition of least favorite to me is that its something that i dont really like personally
i feel like all of the video games ive played, ive tried to curate myself to play games i would be interested in/have a kind of positive reception to it
all of the games ive played probably arent perfect but theres always something i can sorta find in a game that i can just really appreciate
i feel like ive never really actively hated a game

this is a copout, i dont really have a least favorite game, sorry :(

@“Emily”#p114669 SORRY. APPLICATION DENIED. not sure if you noticed but the name of the store is HaTeR PLaYerZ


sorry this is all we got at the moment

cool if i drop my kid off here while i go run some errands if you just let him play on his nintendo ds he won‘t bug you too much his name’s liam okay thanks bye

@“Fuck Trevor”#p114677 HE'S HIRED !!!


i need to sit down
im just,
just gonna go outside for a minute

btw you can smoke in here

(flomping this mess on the counter out of one of those THANK YOU takeout bags that still has some sticky soy sauce and sweet & sour stains on it) how much can I get for this. cats not for sale. dunno where the second seventh guest disc is.


wow, how are you using your cat as a discholder
thats really interesting, i would love to learn more

@“phylaxis”#p114683 i can tell these are obviously fakes. we‘ll take them all. you wouldn’t happen to have photocopied inserts for these would you? our clientele loves the xerox.

@“dicegame”#p114686 uhhhhhhhh. um. uh yeah you got a sharpie?

@“Emily”#p114685 his nickname is “spindle” which is funny cuz he‘s roly poly. spindle is not his real name don’t get it twisted


yeah uhhhhhhhh i got graph paper in the back too

(playing Brave Fencer Musashi on the PS2 kiosk at the front of the store, not looking away from the screen) Yea, can I get all the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games in the display case?

@“Video Game King”#p114693 you can have them all for free if you eat this copy of super mario 3

liam's eaten like four of em already!

@“dicegame”#p114695 You mean the Game Boy Advance one? Yea, I ate that while you weren't looking.

Hey, can I trade in these PSP games sor that $600 PS5?

sorry its my lunch break. i think another employee is around here somewhere. they can help out. or not.

Hewo mister When is Mother 3 coming out?