Games that are more than they let on


MyHouse.wad - WAD Releases & Development - Doomworld

I think this one actually does well at playing with your curiosity so going in blind has the effect but just watching others playthrough/reading spoilers just made me want to dig in deeper. It’s like it’s designed for you to do both and it just keeps revealing itself more and more. Amazing game.

Universal Paperclips

When this came out everyone in my office had it open in a tab.


Now you’ve got it open in my tabs, too…


MyHouse.wad is definitely a perfect fit! What a ride that was.

And the paperclip game stole more time from me last night than I’d like to admit…


That was a cool experience! Thanks for sharing.

Totally gives me house of leaves vibes. During playing I immediately thought it’s only a matter of time until Jacob Geller mentions this in a video, haha

Also I’m really glad I didn’t get jumpscared at the end. I’m a big baby about that sort of thing and probably would’ve hit my knee on the underside of the table or something

oh yeah there’s also Glittermitten Grove. I think maybe the consensus on that was that it wasn’t great, but I really liked it.


nice, I’m glad I know this now even if it’s a spoiler.

Games started doing this all the time these days, I’m more interested in stuff pre-2010s that did it. Of course there was meta-humor in games going way back with stuff like Takeshi’s challenge I guess as an example. I feel like MOTHER was a trail blazer here, but not everyone could see it, because it’s more of an emotional concept than anything clear or rationally explained.

Shadow of the Colossus felt this way for me too, but this is now more like just some basic Zelda Nested Secrets. I love secrets nested within secrets. Dark Souls does this a lot. Dark Souls could be another example. but not really? Armored Core… Nothing really as much as modern games seem to be doing.

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just posted this in the free games thread, but it could also go here.

That was cool.


This description is ticking all of my boxes! I’ll give it a spin tomorrow!