Games that end with multiple boss fights (in a row)

Boss fight are really something special for video games.

They are the catharsis with yourself as the hero of the action.

I love when game gives you something memorable to think about long after it ends, and multiple boss fights are one way to do exaclty that.

So what are your favorite?

I like ending of **Kero Blaster** Zangyou mode (hard mode with cool name), it ends on **5** different fights. [upl-image-preview url=//]
This really makes it a lasting experience and a nice goodbye to all it's content.
[upl-image-preview url=//]

I’m always disappointed when a game doesn’t end with a surprise extra boss or two.


Endgame boss gauntlets often leave me more fatigued and frustrated than anything, but I have to say the optional “secret best ending” bosses of Bloodborne and SMT3 Nocturne really captured the triumphant satisfaction of knowing that your work and experience up to that point will carry you through.

Re: Bloodborne: ||The Moon Presence in Bloodborne is one of the few (only??) instances in the game where you absolutely must rely on the rally mechanic—with one attack, the boss can vaporize the majority of your health bar, forcing you to go full on aggro to both regain health and deal damage. It’s just a really fantastic and explicit distillation of what the game has been trying to nudge you toward the whole time. As a slow and methodical Dark Souls player, this was a real kick in the pants for me, especially! The Moon Presence was also a nice catharsis after the more conventionally difficult penultimate boss, Gehrman, who I actually struggled with way, way longer.||

Re: SMT3: ||There wasn’t much I found mechanically super interesting about the final boss of the True Demon path, though I will say that it was very validating that the work I put into building my Demi-Fiend and demon repertoire translated nicely into a tough but totally fair battle. I bring it up mainly for this amazing little detail in the upper corner of the screen during the battle, which really sells the post-post-post apocalypse that you have willfully wrought:||

||[upl-image-preview url=//]||

Yakuza/Judgment series. (Sidebar: I‘m one of those who loved the turn based combat of Like a Dragon but my goodness that final battle sequence was punishing - loading up on powerful items didn’t fully mitigate middling combat skill the way it does in the other entries I've played)

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The most memorable for me is Mega Man X. >!The boss gauntlet followed by the multi-phase final boss.!< I remember it well because I was young and inexperienced enough to not be familiar with the trope. I couldn't believe it, the game just kept going. I game overed many, may times through the whole process.

The cutscenes in Death Stranding lol