Games that fill you with rage... for other reasons


I liked playing Horizon Zero Dawn a whole lot but also felt like I had seen everything I needed to see after about ten hours. Like, in theory, this is right up my alley and I even had a lot of fun! But I haven‘t picked it up in months and haven’t felt any need to do so.

@“mtvcribs”#p85795 this was my experience, frank and I both tried it and bounced off it super hard despite earnest attempts. No rage though!

@“bwood”#p85804 I felt the same about Horizon as well!

I‘ve come to realize I just don’t think most modern western AAA games are for me and that's fine.

@“exodus”#p85815 I've never been so mad at myself for not being interested in a game I wanted to be interested in. It was like video game erectile dysfunction.

My problems in this regard have more to do with specific mechanics/interactions rather than particular games (although I can of course provide examples). Generally I have a really hard time with action games that incorporate stun-lock mechanics when you get a hit, but don't make use of i-frames or any other tool to avoid extra damage. It is really the worst feeling when you get hit by something then have to spend the next 5 seconds watching powerlessly how your health bar gets demolished by that one mistake you made. Another version of this is all those all platformers in which getting damage locks you into an animation and you have to see how the character falls to death without being able to do anything.

I also dislike any fighting game which is, as I call them, turn based. By this I mean: any fighting game designed around extremely long combos triggered by specific moves, and which generally translate in a dynamic in which, if the specific move connects the player on the receiving end will have to spend the next 30 seconds watching the execution of the combo until it ends and they get another chance. Most tag fighters are guilty of this in one way or another and that is sadly why I don't enjoy playing those a lot, despite really liking the idea of building your dream team of favorite characters from all the various franchises.

Another thing for me are tactical/turn-based/strategic games too based around RNG. The worst offenders in this regard for me have always been pvp card games like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering and such. Those are a hard call for me because on one hand I really enjoy the aspects of deck-building and finding synergies/defining your strategy, but losing a game because of an extremely poorly timed bad draw, or a unbelievably lucky draw by the other player is always a bummer.