Games that launch at $60, will soon discount $20, and in 10 years be $60 again

I feel like Prey (2017) fits this rather well. Holy crap it is a fantastic game that I’m sure my friends are quite sick of me telling them to try — it has been free a few times over the last year or so, and has commonly been under half price when not free.

I don’t think it’ll have the price resurgence due to mostly (?) being a PC / digital download game, but I **do** think in a few years time people will start talking about it

@“exodus”#p71677 I played it a bunch and had a good time with it. I think it was about $5 when I bought it several years ago.


@“treefroggy”#p71623 Right now covid coincided with pokemon enjoyers turning 30 so that caused a huge spike.

the prices i've seen for loose pokemon gameboy carts is absurd. there are tonnes of those out there. i get why anything from back then CIB has a premium on it but just loose carts? that never used to be the case with, say, SMB on NES as far as i know. if you just wanted the cart to play on hardware, nothing other than the super rare games were big, collector prices.


Oh I see, yeah I guess they pretty much need to have a bit of long legged freako fandom and rawness.

I'd say Dragon's Dogma, having long slow brewing brainiac fandom, could get punched up if 2 happens.


Last few Remedy games like Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control were much talked about but tanked initially. They have fans chewing on X-File-y connected universe bits but don't know how fervent they are. They could get boosted with sequels like Alan Wake 2 or Control TV show. But western games feel... I don't know... very unfan-artable so the vibe is off...

Scarlet Nexus is straight up anime but weirdly has no IT factor. Too smooth, too competent. Nothing there to draw out the freako in me. Are there big fans of it? I've seen no fan arts to prove that they exist. I finished it and don't see anything there for reappraisal. It's just too decently cooked.

Solid JRPGs that aren‘t Final Fantasy are usually the easy bets, right? I see Ni No Kuni Remastered and number two for $10 regularly. Seems almost criminal. Speaking of criminals and RPGs, Like a Dragon and probably most every Yakuza game will probably shoot up. Shin Megami Tensei III and V seem like layups since they’re Atlus RPGs on a Nintendo system.

The ones that have surprised me this past gen with how quickly they made a turnaround are the Gravity Rush games. I got them cheap not that long ago and now they're already back in that $60+ territory.

The Vanillaware titles are somehow all less than $45 (save 13 Sentinels on the switch) and this a little amazing to me. They package extremely well. They have full art books with all of the HD generation releases, the booklets for the older titles are beautiful too. I think even with the faults of Grand Knight History's online connectivity getting fully in the way of its ability to be played in the current year- these games all still feel good to play.

Which I'm not sure can be said about the original .hack// Quadrilogy (or even sign). Those games are all easily cool revisits at like $15 each- but because they have never been released and might have had smaller prints dude to the DVDs bundled, a full set is like $400-600 resale. These games a BEGGING for compilation. I don't think Sign Last recode did very well, nor do I think .hack/ OG will- but I would like the weird folks who did the games regardless to be able to play them on the switch. These are truly games that you have to have the patience of a real MMO for or at the very least can stop at anytime you want without leaving the dungeon you are in.

It is the same engine for all 4 titles so they can easily fit them onto one cart if they wanted to.

R Type Final 2, God bless it, seems like a game I can see going >$60 for physical in a couple years for some reason

this one's gonna go up, it became a meme because of Elden Ring

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Buying cheap games is definitely satisfying, although my backlog is out of control so I don‘t want to get too nuts. But one genre I’ll always buy: shmups. Even BAD shmups can end up valuable - the collectors edition of Otomedius Excellent for Xbox 360 is back in the $60 realm and that game is terrible. I‘m still kicking myself for not importing Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets for 360 when it was affordable. They don’t always get astronomical (I'm surprised Akai Katana is still less than $50) but usually they go for at least as much as they do when the game first launches after being cheap for a while.

One interesting thing will be seeing how games on different platforms will compare in time. Let's assume that Balan Wonderworld becomes a gaming cult classic and the price shoots up: will the Switch, Xbox, PS4, or PS5 version be most valuable? I feel like PS4 (the verison I have T_T) is probably the least likely to climb because Playstation fans will likely have a PS5 by the time it becomes a sought-after game. Unless fans develop nostalgia specifically for PS4, which is totally possible. The Switch version might have worse performance, but the console has higher market penetration, so that might be one with broader appeal. I've been out of the world of Xbox for so long, I have no idea why that version might especially appeal to someone, but it might!

@“Nemoide”#p73753 There‘s a lot to be said for switch copies. While I am not a huge fan of this generation, I do own FFXII on Switch Cart because it’s novel to have a Final Fantasy on a cartridge again for the first time since GBA (unless you count vita I guess). Also they taste great!

And while I don't own it, I'd love to have a hard copy of Dark Souls for switch. If I can find one for $20 or less, I'll pick it up.

I wonder if switch carts will ever come in different flavors, or if they will stop putting the mouth deterrents on them later on in the consoles life (I could see that happening if they didn't already quietly stop spraying them, becaus it seems like something that'd be there just to help their numbers in the first couple years of the console. now that it's a huge success I could see them not needing to spray the cartridges)

I‘ve been following the Evercade on and off for quite a while, having seen pieces in magazines and plenty of videos too. It seems to be a good bit of kit and it’s becoming more desirable to me now that there are some otherwise expensive collections out there. I've just seen that there are Toaplan and Irem collections and a growing bunch of other ones too. I can see these slowly growing in price as more games are licensed for the hardware.

As foretold in the prophecy, Ghostwire Tokyo is now $30 on ps5.

### Left Alive

This part at 10:30

A lot of games mentioned in this thread have already gone through this entire cycle in multiple forms. Some stuff, like the Atlus 3DS releases, are just permanently in the sky now. Some other stuff like Gravity Rush Remastered, Disaster Report 4, and Drakengard 3 had their time in the triple-digit price light, and then received reprints and the prices plummeted precipitously. Which is good! I want more people to be able to have access to them. I still grabbed spare sealed copies when they dropped just in case though lol. The stupid thing is, I have no intention of ever selling any of these, I don‘t know why I do this. I just did that with the PS4 release of the most recent iteration of Umihara Kawase and that last Cotton game. Anything with a cult following or that is some manner of STG seems like a safe bet. Though idk how much these are actually going to spike in the future when they’re so widely available digitally, but then, digital stores are so fickle and unreliable. My copy of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand shot up into the $150 range overnight when it got announced for Xbox backwards compatibility but without being sold digitally lol. So who knows.

All I know is that **Left Alive absolutely whips ass**. Excellent game that deserved better.

@“treefroggy”#p73741 From stuff is so wild. I got Eternal Ring, Evergrace, and Forever Kingdom for $3.99 USD each at a retro games store in Tacoma in 2018. Now those games are $30, $30, and $200 respectively. It‘s so dumb lol. The worst though, is Otogi. I finally broke down and shelled out $20 apiece for each of them at the start of the pandemic after eyeballing them for years. Then they hit backwards compatibility on Xbox and now the store down the street has them available for $70 and $220. It’s so weird, the way this stuff works. I'll never own Kuon or Echo Night: Beyond. RIP.

@“andrewelmore”#p74828 it‘s reflective of fickle-minded gamers. people still say “I played every From Soft game”, meaning dark souls 1-3, lol. it’s the same way the stock market works too. it's not reflective of any actual numbers or facts, just what a bunch of old men are thinking.

@“treefroggy”#p74832 Oh 100%. But hey, at least I got copies of, uh, Spriggan and Thousand Land before the rest of the world very definitely totally catches on. Yup, interest is definitely going to spike on those eventually. Absolutely. Yup. Any day now.

@“andrewelmore”#p74840 :joy: yeah just wait for my youtube video essay about the hidden Thousand Land references in Elden Ring.

@“andrewelmore”#p74827 well, it's $11 right now, so I bought it!

[edit] it looks like a game I'll hate! ha ha. and the video doesn't even support the idea that the game is good, merely that it had a path to being good. so I'm curious to know what you like about it yourself!

@“andrewelmore”#p74827 I guess the eBay listings ain’t lying!

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