Games that look like they were made for another platform

I've noticed, from time to time, that a game will look or “feel” like it belongs somewhere else. I started thinking about it last night while watching a TAS of Monster World IV. This game looks, sounds, and “feels” like a Super Nintendo game.

if you told me the next 2 minutes of this game (roughly) were done on the SNES sound chip I'd be like... obviously! the screen transitions, the cutscenes, the sound when you beat a boss... it feels like Westone just wanted to make a SNES game but they were stuck on sega hardware so they made the best of it.

Psychic Dream, on the other hand, looks and feels like a genesis game (even uses dithered smoke instead of transparency), though it doesn't sound like one at all

Yo Bro on PC Engine feels like a (bad) NES game to me

Makai Prince Dorabo Chan feels like a good NES game to me (though it doesn't look or sound like it)

Some ground rules while sharing stuff in this vein:

  • - homebrew doesn't really count since so much of the early stuff was "put mario on genesis! put sonic on snes!"
  • - current nostalgia grabs don't really count either, it should be contemporary systems from when that difference meant something, so basically 32/64 bit and back, nothing after that really (unless you can find some more dreamcast-y ps2 games mayyyyyyybe)
  • - it can be just music or just visuals or just vibe though, doesn't have to be all three.

  • so, what have y'all got?

    Golden Sun for GBA is beautifully backwards-facing. It uses the GBA sound hardware to replicate FM Synth of yore, and pre-rendered visual assets. It came in a time where RPGs were becoming less traditional, and brought a very down-to-earth journey, instead of, for lack of a better term, more “flighty” concepts JRPGs so easily fall into.

    Looks like it belongs on Playstation or Saturn, sounds like a Mega Drive game.

  • - Hagane for SFC is like Shinobi or any of the amazing action platformers on Sega
  • - Donkey Kong Country plays like a European platformer that would be on Amiga or something.
  • Yeah, I meant to put hagane in there - I was going to say it sounds SO MUCH like a snes game that it puts me in a different headspace, but now I‘m realizing maybe it’s another mech/action game thing? but what!? hmmm… I'm envisioning a lot of emerald-colored buildings.

    I thought Sengoku Turb was a game released on Saturn for years– of course turns out it was actually released on Dreamcast. It‘s possible development began on Saturn, though. I don’t know much about this mysterious game except that it‘s an unusual-looking remake of a PC98 game that used very rudimentary ascii-like-graphics originally.

    Which brings me to games that wouldn’t count here, because they were made for another platform, but released later on different hardware. There were many games for GCN that began development for 64DD, such as Cubivore. The original Animal Crossing release in the united states was just a port N64 rom on a GCN disc with a few additions. You can scrub off almost an entire gigabyte of 000000's added to the disc image to have an animal crossing ISO that is 1/10th the size and still runs perfectly. For Cubivore, they basically released an N64DD game on gamecube, unaltered.

    Abarenbou Tengu and Syvalion give off PC Engine vibes.

    @Syzygy#15930 This is exactly how I feel about The Dark Half for SFC



    The content as well being much darker than you'd expect to see (certainly on the SNES at least)


    I think Tenseiryu Saint Dragon was highly inspired by svalion, which cements the PCE connection there

    Azure Dreams for PS1 is very Saturny looking.

    As a kid I always thought that Gods was something that should have been on the Mega Drive in an Altered Beast / Golden Axe way with its vibe and the general stiffness of those games. I remember seeing a buddy of mine playing the DOS version and being amazed that it was running on a desktop.


    I also played the DOS versions of the Lotus Challenge racing games that had been on the Amiga. As a kid I didn't think they had any right to be running on the crusty old desktop we had but they did. I'd seen the likes of Super Mario Kart, Road Rash and a few other contemporaryish racers but those games looked to me like they belonged in the arcade with how fast they were moving. Real cool vibe!

    @“ttzop”#p16242 Dark Half is a personal favorite of mine. I think it‘s an absolutely brilliant gem of a game and a unique premise by playing as both the typical JRPG hero but swapping back and forth between the demon lord villain, but oh man, is it genuinely emotionally draining. It’s incredibly unsettling having to go around town killing every villager as the villain and then coming into the same town you destroyed as the hero in the next chapter and the same villagers whose lives you ruined saying you‘re their hope while you, the player, also committed the act is an experience and feeling I’ve never encountered in any other game before or since.

    Woo glad to have this very fun thread revived a bit.

    The more I think about it, Final Fantasy Tactics isn‘t completely non-Saturn-y, if it wasn’t for Squaresoft being exclusive to playstation that generation.


    @“LeFish”#p149737 I always thought that Gods was something that should have been on the Mega Drive

    And then it was!!