Games That Transcend the Game Into Real Life

I thought long and hard about what I should title this post. I guess I had a specific thing I wanted to discuss here but wasn‘t sure how to word it properly? But I’ve got a few examples of what‘s in my head and maybe you folks have some similar and not so similar ones! So here’s what I'm talking about…

Games where a key part of the gameplay experience takes place outside of or auxillary to the game. Maybe you have to bluff in real life or make use of an element not presented right there on the TV screen.

In Sonic Shuffle if you're playing multiplayer, the player cards aren't revealed on screen and are instead displayed on each player's VMU, should each player have one in their controller. That way other players can't snipe your cards and it kinda feels like you're playing with a hand of real life cards connected to the game. That never stopped my siblings and I from just taking each other's cards blindly however and hoping for that coveted 6.

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I can't remember specifically since it's been a while, but in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube, when you played multiplayer with the GBA and link cables, each player received a secret mission to complete during the adventure. So as my friends are screaming at me to get the miasma bucket thing, I'm wearing an evil anime smirk because my secret mission is to not touch the miasma bucket thingy. It was always great fun trying to guess what secret missions your friends had and the big reveal at the end to explain why they were playing so weird.

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This last example toes the line of my own thread I suppose, because you don't necessarily use something not directly in the game... but you do have to be good at more than just playing the game...

Playing as the Spy in Team Fortress 2 requires you to be skilled at how the game works, but also be a skilled actor in general. It's not enough to simply don a disguise, you need to convince the players on the other team that you're one of them. Different tricks involve running backwards towards the enemy base to make it seem like you're retreating from combat or staring at the ground disguised as an engineer to make it look like you're plotting out where you'll build your stuff.

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So yeah... maybe I'm being a little vague here but this topic has been on my mind for a while and I'm curious what else you guys have to show!

cool thread - i like when this is done well, i had zombi-u near the WU launch and the excellent/tense use of the backpack unfortunately had me thinking we'd see more use of the tablet that way…alas

not sure if AR counts but 3DS spirit camera (i think that was the name? it was a fatal frame minigame basically) had one really creepy moment of something dripping through the ceiling above me! so cool

A Danish Wii U game called Spin the Bottle: Bumpie‘s Party does this a lot, and I remember it being a pretty fun party game around people you’re comfortable (or comfortably drunk) with. Little examples include the Gamepad actually serving as the “bottle,” so it physically points at the person whose turn it is, and a lot of mini-games have you do things like “the opposing team places a Wii remote in the room, you must verbally lead your blindfolded partner – who is on all fours – to its location in a certain time limit.” It very much committed to acting as the conduit/rule-setter/score keeper while having the bulk of the game exist in the real world. If I remember correctly, you could play the whole thing with no TV, just the Gamepad, if you wanted:

(I guess 1-2 Switch did much of this a few years later, too, but I thought this one was generally more fun and interesting)

Whatever people say about Sonic Shuffle being a Mario derivative, it somehow became the game that my mum and my brother played all the time for a whole season. Just remembered what a happy time that was :slight_smile:

Now to answer the question: I’ve always wanted to play Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, but haven’t quite found the right group yet.


This looks like so much fun! Exactly what I'm talking about.


Yeah I've always wanted to play that one!!! (Keep Talking)

And I didn't find out until I was much older that apparently no one likes Sonic Shuffle. Because, kinda like you, my siblings and I put so many hours into it during summertimes at home. Gotta admit, I still prefer Sonic Shuffle to Mario Party any day.

A couple more examples:

I thought someone would post this already, but the codec you need being on the actuall, physical game case in Metal Gear Solid.

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This one had me stumped since when I played it the first time I had a burned copy of the game.

Red Steel was an okayish game, but it had a really fun multiplayer mode where you held the wiimote up to your head like a phone and received secret missions on what to do each round. Something similar is done during No More Heroes when a character calls Travis during missions. It's really simple and silly, but I love stuff like that and the fact that you can't do it in the No More Heroes re-releases really makes them lose a lot of charm for me.