Games Where You're a Dog

I‘ve been dipping back into the PS1 library lately, and played some of the 102 Dalmatians licensed game. In some ways it’s a fairly run of the mill collectathon platformer, but it has things on top to really sell the protagonist being a puppy. You can sniff for spots to dig as one of your four face buttons. Your run animation really sells the enthusiastic, awkward gait of a very young dog.

What other games really drill down into letting the player feel like a dog?

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Tokyo Jungle immediately comes to mind as a classic example.

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Classic (but sadly unavailable)

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More wolf than dog but:

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I'm not sure if it really fits the spirit, however:

Sam & Max Hit The Road also comes to mind

I'm going to try to only count games in which you play something resembling a real dog - no anthropomorphism à la Tail Concerto/Solatorobo.

  • - I feel almost obligated to include Twilight Princess, so let's get that out of the way at the start. (Edit: How could I forget about Okami?)
  • - As long as I'm talking about games you might have heard of, *[Dog's Life](*! You might have heard of this through a GDQ run or Vinesauce or some YouTube Hidden Gem review or whatever, but in case you haven't, it's a cartoony, lightly simulationist approach to, well, being a dog. These were the sorts of creative projects that mid-level game development in the early 2000s allowed for.
  • - Now here's a game I'm sure nobody here has heard of: *[Lassie](*. It's based on the equally obscure *Lassie* movie from around the same time, and it's about as close as you're ever going to come to *Bambi* on the PS2, as [that one meme]( put it.
  • - Next up we have *[The Dog Island](*, a game I'm not too familiar with (I've only just now seen the dogs' strangely huge heads), but based on the MobyGames description, can only imagine as *Dog Nier*.
  • - Do *Shin Megami Tensei* and *Persona 3* count? Those technically feature playable dogs, but including them feels like coming at the anthro angle from the other direction.
  • - And as long as I'm wondering aloud, what about *[Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football](*? A part of me wants to include it, but I also recognize that if we're going to include that, we might as well include *Nintendogs*, a game where the whole point is that you're *not* the dog.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising! (for a (part of a) chapter)

    EDIT: Added timestamp, oops

    The actually pretty ok ‘Blade Wolf’ DLC for Metal Gear Rising was actually pretty ok.

    @“Video_Game_King”#p39571 My father likes to play the theme song of The Dog Island on his guitar. :slight_smile:

    @“穴”#p39566 I was shocked at Frank Cifaldi on the podcast besmirching the Dog’s Life Dog and his smellovision and poop flinging.

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    Another example emerges: Geist.

    This is probably the first time anybody's even thought of *Geist* in years.

    @“Video_Game_King”#p39629 This might be the only game where you're a dog in first person, which is fun to think about.

    JVC‘s Wonder Dog! I was always confused about the history of this game. I use to think it was a sort of throw away mascot for JVC’s Wonder Mega, so I was always baffled as to why it looked so much like a Euro platformer for something like the Amiga. I didn't realize it was developed by Core and also did in fact get an Amiga port.

    Cute design for the dog, at least. Feels like one of the several designs they had for Sonic before finally landing on Sonic.

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    Speaking of Amiga platformers, I could have sworn Tearaway Thomas was a dog but seeing the box art for the first time has me confused.

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    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    @“Dunkr”#p39650 Could be a pitbull. Also, wow, must be a british game

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    Dog’s Life’s first person camera was one of the best things, where you can follow different smells. I like to think Batman detective mode was based on this.

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    Wow, Dog Island looks amazing! I dismissed it at the time because I assumed it was yet another Nintendogs clone. I would have loved to play this back then omg. I should play this soon.