Games with 3D, metrovania-ish level design?

What are some examples of games with the same sort of “3D metrovania-ish” level design as Dark Souls 1? The closest I can think of is Arkham Asylum.

I'm specifically looking for games with movement in 3D space, rather than games with 2D movement but rendered in 3D, like Shadow Complex and Metroid Other M.

I know there are other examples, but for some reason, the only example that comes to mind right now is Shadow Man.

Control is basically that

control is a good shout, but i guess each floor is closed off to the others in a way that's more like fusion than any other metroid.

nier automata has the city/theme park/village/forest areas interconnect in a way that feels reminiscent of how most of dark souls joins up through firelink/valley

Ah yes, if only we could find a Prime example of a three dimensional Metroid-like experience…

Another relatively famous (and anterior!) FPS example is the Saturn version of **Exhumed** a.k.a. **PowerSlave** a.k.a. **Seireki 1999** which was staged with a crude metroidvania template.

Came here to say Powerslave lol.

I'd also add Resident Evil 1 & 2, and point out that Castlevania: Curse of Darkness is a weirdly interesting (imo) translation of a lot of Symphony of the Night's structural details to 3D, and if not for the camera problems would be a pretty good Metroidvania type of deal.

Oh and King's Field II specifically, as well as Shadow Tower: Abyss.

I would argue that the modern Ys games are Metroidvanias. They're action JRPGs, but you go out, collect new abilities & characters that help you overcome obstacles in different areas and unlock new maps, then go backtrack and do it all over again.

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