Games you remember being better when you were young

Given enough time and enough space away from the games of your past, eventually some games no longer remain relevant, and even become distanced from you as a gamer. Time and time again, we find ourselves seeking out the “next big thing” or looking for the trendy game to play at that time.

But for me, I've always gone back to my roots and tested out many games once again that I faintly remember as a child or even as a teen, and then when playing them today, I almost want to ask the younger me:

"Why would you ever play this?"

Interestingly enough though, I think there were some games that I only enjoyed because of the music that was in them, and the game itself was pretty bog standard or nothing of note.

One of these games I fondly remember is called BLADES OF VENGEANCE for the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. This is a fairly typical platformer with some obviously glaring issues, such as the jumping mechanic kind of doing more harm than good in the long run.

But I'd be lying if I said the music was bad, and in fact, the majority of the music is so good, I still have a bunch of it on my phone that I occasionally listen to from time to time. As an example, here's the character select music:

Now of course, if you're not a fan of the way the Genesis/MegaDrive sounds, then this might disappoint you, but as a short and simple loopable tune, this was just a solid jam and to this day, still gives me those head nods.

So how about the rest of you? Any games that you have gone back to play that were enjoyed when you were younger that now don't hold up? Or only hold up because of the music or some other feature?


This is a tough question to answer, because nostalgia can be such a driving force for how much someone enjoys something. I love Harvest Moon 64, but considering how far life sims have come since then, and the fact that Stardew Valley exists, it doesn‘t really hold up to a modern lens. Honestly, it doesn’t compare in any category (other than art direction, I like the way HM64 looks more).

But if it were as readily available as _Stardew_ is, I'd be playing it instead.

On the flip side, _Jet Force Gemini_ is a game I loved when I was younger, but is a true slog to play after 20+ years of twin stick controllers and control schemes.

Considering that video gaming is such a rapidly developing media, games that came out only 10 years ago can feel ancient and dated according to today's standards.

I really can‘t enjoy the original Legend of Zelda. Played it a lot as a kid, but just can’t get into it anymore. The stabbing instead of swiping with the sword just ruins everything for me and I don't like the dungeons.

Now I'm not saying it's a bad game, but it's certainly not as good as I remembered. It was so exciting for me to explore while growing up despite playing it after playing Link's Awakening. It is an upsetting game for me.

@“Karnovski”#p85443 it‘s funny because I’ve been sitting here wondering how to say every Zelda game except for that one haha


Games you remember being better when you were young

goddamn all of them lmao

I did not know that Warlock was a movie and became briefly obsessed with repeatedly renting the Warlock game for SNES as a kid. It just seemed so mysterious, and I guess I sensed that it existed in its own very specific world. What I didn't realize is that this was the world of a cheap movie that aired right before basic cable infomercials in the early AM on the USA Network.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p85445 to be fair, one time I was playing through A Link to the Past I was shocked to find that it wasn‘t designed as well as I remembered and I just wasn’t having fun. Like, a room that you walk into and you take damage automatically because you're standing on spikes. Then a few years after that I just felt like playing it again. I loved it. I did everything you could in the game and I loved every second.

I'm still not sure what the difference between these two experiences was.

So I think, Alttp, could be a part of this thread but then redacted for me lol

WORMS. Maybe I just don't have friends anymore

@“rootfifthoctave”#p85448 there‘s definitely a group of games, largely 80s arcade games, that I like a lot more now than I did as a kid. Like 5 year old me would play JJ and Jeff over Galaga any day of the week because JJ and Jeff had big heads and it was new and Galaga was old. Now they’re both old and Galaga is a ton of fun and JJ and Jeff is….lol. lmao.

@“treefroggy”#p85469 there's definitely something about hotseat games that seem unfathomably boring to me now. Like I used to play hotseat Alpha Centauri with my friends and have a great time which sounds like an absolute nightmare 20 years later

@“treefroggy”#p85469 yeah i haven‘t had a great time playing smash bros (or any fighting game for that matter) since i stopped living under a roof with my brothers. they’re still fun at the arcade though.

Dynowarz and Monsters in my Pocket are the first two that come to mind. Still think they're pretty solid, but I used to think MimP was the coolest game ever until I played it again.

My first games were on the Intellivision. That entire library embodies this feeling.

[This post over in the worst games you like thread]( covers my relevant thoughts here around those games.

After the Intellivision we got a 286 PC in 1990. Sure, I played some genuinely great games in those days, but I also played a whole bunch of DOS titles of questionable merit.

Bethesda’s _The Terminator_ was not great, but at least it was interesting — the player could either be Reese or The Terminator and play either side of the scenario. I used to think this main menu screen was _so cool_.

i didn't have a ps2 growing up, but my friend wesley did, and going over to his house meant getting to play kingdom hearts. i was totally enraptured by the vibe of those games in those brief moments when i got to experience them. particularly kingdom hearts 2 - i played the opening segment just once, and it was burned into my brain for years.

when i impulse-bought a secondhand ps2 in college, i was most excited about returning to those games, but................ well. they're not bad, and i actually really enjoyed replaying kh1, but so much of what tantalized me about them was the sense of mystery and melancholy that they exuded; getting deeper into the plots and gameplay mechanics was like, oh, these maybe aren't that interesting after all.

i've had this experience with a lot of jrpgs i was fascinated by as a young'un, though. the only one that i played back then and wasn't subsequently disappointed by was baten kaitos.