Games you think you're pretty darn good at

I ain't no speedrunner but I do get a nice sense of self-satisfaction when I can play certain games well. Games that as a personal endeavor you study and want to become better at and can possibly give you a different perspective on other games.

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  • 1. Ninja Gaiden Black [Xbox] - This was one of the hardest games I ever played when I first attempted it with my first clear taking almost 60 hours. Now I can usually burn through it in under 10. I've beaten it several times and on harder difficulties to unlock all the costumes. There is just a certain meditative quality in this games combat rhythm and it just feels so good to play. I like the other games and the Sigma re-releases, but Black is king.
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  • 2. Guitar Hero [PS2/360] - GH was a new beginning in terms of game design for me. I had been playing standard games since forever so rhythm arcade titles where new to me. I could barely finish songs on Easy but slowly worked up through the higher difficulties with more buttons and notes and started exclusively playing on Expert with fast note speed after a few years. Such a cool game series that ground into the dirt, but thankfully kept alive by the community.
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  • 3. TMNT IV [SNES] - I've been playing this game since I was 7. I used to play the game on hard to get more lives, unaware that it, you know, made the game harder. This was the first game I ever beat by myself and I can still run it on hard in under an hour.
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  • 4. Super Smash Bros Melee [GCN] - GameCube was my only console for several years when it first came out, but I didn't complain. Getting Melee at launch provided years of challenges. With almost 300 hours played I collected every trophy and made up little goals like beating Event Match 51 with everyone or setting good Target and Home Run scores. Still play all of the new games, but Melee still feels the best.
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  • 5.

    Super Punch-Out!! [SNES] - it took me forever to beat this game first time when I was a kid, but man this game put some scratches on my brain. I just beat again with 1 loss like 3 months ago. Everything is just a natural reaction when playing it, like how you don't think when you play an instrument.

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  • 6.

    SSX/THPS [series] - I'll lump these together, but yeah huge combo strings and crazy high scores are fun to pull off in these games. Again, great games to get into that flow state and make some runs. SSX has a bit of a learning curve as I was terrible at it the first time I played it, but it became hugely satisfying when I mastered it. It's by far the craziest extreme sports series ever made (I miss it...)

  • So what games have you played to the point of near obsession!?

    Well at one point I was one of the best in the world at Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice 1. That was years ago, and I'm very much washed up as a competitive fighting game player. Still, I understand the concepts of the genre better than the average player.

    the only game I feel like i‘ve ever gotten properly good at is spelunky. i’m not like one of the top tier speedrunners or a genius like bananasaurus_rex but i did get good enough to get the speedlunky achievement, which is a point of pride for me.

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    i was grinding to get the "good teamwork" and "low scorer" achievements when spelunky 2 came out, and so i got a little distracted. maybe one day i'll go back and finally 100% it.

    There was a time where, at least on one particular track (sagarmatha), I was the world record holder for time trial mode. This was many years ago.

    I think I've slipped to 2nd or 3rd now, and probably could not reproduce that level of performance any more.

    i got Tom Nook to the point where he stopped demanding bells from me, so i guess i must be decently good at crossing those animals.

    When I was a kid I got good enough at chess to realize that there are people way way better at chess than I will ever be. I was the best player at my age in the state of New Hampshire, but nowhere near good enough to compete in virtually any tournament in Boston. It makes me think about other games that I consider myself pretty good at now and what kind of immense gap must exist between me and people who are actually good at that game.

    I do recommend getting good enough at some competitive game to be able to really follow along with it in tournament play even if you don't compete. I played an immense amount of DragonBall FighterZ since it came out, and matches of that are infinitely more interesting for me to watch than say Tekken 7, which, while probably the better game all things considered, I understand much much less about.

    not quite in an e-sports competitive level but i think im quite good (specially when it comes to speed) in modern tetris

    here's a replay of my 40 lines speed record . watching my replays and seeing all my mistakes feels weird.

    i don't have all the golden strawberries yet but i'm also good at celeste. not in a speedrunner level though
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    i used to be really good at nyamo's adventure. it‘s an html5 game that was made for the ludum dare 35 game jam, and has been updated a few times since.

    it’s a really short and easy game, yet it captivated me enough that i began to speedrun it. with a couple months of practice, i was on the top of the leaderboard. there wasn‘t much competition, but ’uncle slam' (the prior record holder) and me had a week of back and forth before i was on top again. from then on i was playing solely against myself.

    i stopped viewing the game as a competition and just played it to chill out. i felt a sort of solitude. mute the game, throw on some music, and slowly improve. sure, i was just going through the motions, but they were my motions; in the internet's vast oceans, i'd found a small, quiet, secluded island, and built up a humble home.

    eventually, i got a time i couldn't improve. about a year later, uncle slam came back, with a new technique, and beat my time with a 4:43.670. i snagged it back with a 4:04.230, then he snagged it back with a 4:03.683, then i had the record again with a 3:59.350.
    that was ~half a year ago. since then uncle slam grabbed a few records in the game's other categories, and my left arrow key broke so that i wasn't able to get those times. while i've taken a few multi-month long breaks before, this is probably the longest i've gone without seriously playing the game.

    after writing a bit of this post, i decided to get out my school-given chromebook (which doesn't have a broken left arrow key) and try the game out. my first attempt was a 4:12 something. not bad, a third place time, but i was clearly rusty; uncle slam had me beat. i did one more attempt before writing the rest of this.


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    i guess i still got it

    (i feel like this post was superfluous; sorry!)
    ((i wouldn't mind it if you gave the game a try! i dunno, even if i can't compete until i get my keyboard fixed (which will probably be a while), it could be nice to have some friendly competition with some of you))

    Super Stardust HD. I haven't played it in a very long time, but I could beat the game on normal mode, and get pretty far when it started again (but harder).

    I can get 77K in Pac-Man. That was only level 6 or 7, but I'm beginning to see patterns and stuff like ghost personalities. So nowhere near as good as many, but what I'd consider pretty darn good.

    I know many people probably have this exact same experience, but I was reeeeeeeeeal good at Goldeneye in college. Once went 50 kills to 0 deaths in a license to kill 4 player game, though it's possible that my friends were just unusually bad at Goldeneye.

    I don‘t know if I’m really really good at any games in particular. I‘m able to beat certain games that are widely considered to be quite difficult, but that’s not really the same thing.

    I used to play a lot of _Super Smash Bros. Melee_ when I was in high school, but I know I'm not _that_ good because I would sometimes play with someone who did averagely-reasonably well at regional tournaments. That guy would wipe the floor with me. I could _sometimes_ keep up if he used his off characters and I was playing my best character... but that doesn't really count. I am I think a little better at _Ultimate,_ and when I was playing it a lot after the game came out, I could get into [Elite Smash]( without too much effort. Couldn't see how easily I would be able to do that atm since I don't have access to a wired internet connect right now (or a good Switch controller, or, uh, the power cable for the dock, and maybe some other things too).

    I have beaten **GOD HAND** on Hard. That's not, uh, easy. I also died so many times that I maxed out the game over stat screen's counter. Not sure if that means I qualify as being good at the game.

    I once was able to beat an extremely punishing challenge quest in _Monster Hunter 4U,_ with gear that was probably a bit weak for that challenge, because I wanted the reward you get from it as soon as possible (really strong piece of gear). It's the quest called Out of the Fry Pan for anyone who is well acquainted with MH4U, and for those acquainted with _Monster Hunter_ more generally but not _4U_ specifically, you have to >!fight a Deviljho in the arena with the big cage wall you can raise, and then immediately after fight a Nargacuga and a Tigrex at the same time. The Nargacuga and Tigrex have reduced health due to them being in a pair, but the Deviljho has full health as if he wasn't in a quest with two other monsters lol.!< It was a fun time. I am pretty good at _Monster Hunter World_ and enjoyed soloing Arch Tempered Elder Dragons, but I never got around to finishing everything in _Iceborne._

    @“edward”#p85651 Goldeneye and Halo were the first video games where I was by far the worst of my friends and that was a weird feeling


    One thing that's funny to me about shooting games is that I was once very good but am now so bad that I may as well have 10 pinkies.

    I am at a skill level in Tetris where if I play the marathon mode in the Wonderswan version I could basically play indefinitely. I had a two hour run once before getting bored and just letting the lines stack up.

    @“穴”#p85647 watching this level of Tetris play always amazes and confuses me, I’ve never been able to read the game state well enough to make these lightning quick decisions.

    @“cass”#p85624 That was probably the hardest achievement for me to get, when I 100%ed. So I‘m sure the rest is just a matter of time and will. If you never get there don’t worry. I don't feel any more confident or cooler than before.

    I bought Super C on the Wii shop in like 2008 and completely resparked my love for the game. I loved the game so much I just kept playing it over and over. Just beating it wasn't enough so I just kept adding limitations to myself. My self-imposed rules built up to the point I was playing through pacifist style, with just the rifle and one life. A great game for speedrunning/mastering because you can blow through it in a little over 10 mins.

    My friends give me grief for how competitive I am at a casual game. When the game first came out I played it obsessively. I learned all the tiny tricks(and invented a couple as far as I know) to give myself a big advantage. I got that five wins in a row trophy PSN trophy that several internet articles said was going to be impossible. The occasions I do log onto play now though, I don't know the maps so I don't have a knowledge advantage and the player base is way better than at launch. I'm washed up.

    I used to be obsessively into Pokémon battling during the DS days. My brain is wired to be able to process quite a lot of abstract numerical information which is ideal when you want to design a Pokémon team. I ended up spending some 1,100 hours on Diamond / Pearl before migrating to the Pokémon Showdown website (where you can create a team without any actual training) during the Black and White days, and would regularly find myself near the top of the standings fairly quickly.

    At the time that I'd been on the Showdown website I'd been recovering from surgery and it was around that time that Pokémon X and Y had been announced along with a new type. Between that and the regret that I experienced from spending so much time with this activity for virtually no reward other than false gratification I went cold turkey, sold all of my Pokémon games and never touched a mainline game again.

    I'm sure that there are a bunch more games that I'm notably good at. I can breeze through the original Banjo-Kazooie and get 100%, and for a while I was in the top 100 Ibuki players in Street Fighter 4 (which doesn't sound that great, I guess?). I wouldn't say that I'm as good at Tetris as @"穴"#p85647 is but I reckon I could come close to a similar time for a 40 line clear in whatever version I have available


    @“copySave”#p85612 Guitar Hero

    I played so much Guitar Hero 1-3. I used to be able to clear most songs on expert, but my skills have faded.
    Only just recently getting into it again thanks to the excellent [Guitar Hero World Tour Definitive Edition mod]( Thankfully it works pretty nicely with my old PS2 SG and a USB adapter.

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p85656 I think that quest was in MH Gen as Nargacuga wasn't in 4U.

    But similarly, I was once very good at MH4U, I probably put 1000 hours into it. I basically played through the whole single player before realising there was an online mode. Then I trained my body and mind to be able to handle G Rank without carting all the time. I don't think I was ever good enough to take on Rajang or Fatalis solo though.
    I also played MH World near completely solo too. My skill level ||(read patience)|| clearly capped with Behemoth and Lunastra.

    Another game I put an obscene amount of hours into is Splatoon 2 (840~). So much so I haven't touched the new game. I managed to get up to Rank X specifically in Rainmaker. I was around S+6 for Tower Control and Splat Zones but never wanted to put the time in to increase the rank. The best thing about Rank X is you get to do this cool pose.
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    _hey, that's me! that's my character, beets!_

    My go to weapon was the SplatterShot Jr, aka the starting weapon. While this gun is good for spraying ground and has a good super, my real skill was the triangle bombs. I got so accurate with these, I could bomb snipe from any range.
    I eventually got bored of these and started playing with silly weapons, like the dynamo roller, bamboozler or inkbrush

    I'm also embarrassingly good at modern MarioKart (think DS forward). I say embarrassing because it's often a go to party game, but it's no fun when one person is always winning by 20 seconds.

    I would probably say my first game I was great at was Sonic 2. When I was really young I played through it every morning like it was a routine. I still love the game but I am not a master of it anymore.

    Next up I once got grounded from video games when I was 9 years old. The only game I got to play was Dance Dance Revolution Max for ps2. That week I got pretty alright. I was confident enough to play in front of people. When Ultramix on xbox came out I finally moved up to heavy mode. I played it every day after school and could full combo many many songs on heavy mode. A while later when DDR Extreme came out for ps2, I got it for my birthday and literally played it for like 12 hours straight. We unlocked every song in the game in a day. My body was so sore the next day but all I wanted to do was play more. Since then I got more and more home releases, Extreme 2, Supernova 1 and 2, X, the other Ultramixes. My brother's friend even gave us a CobaltFlux metal pad because he stopped playing. Throughout the years I was obsessed. I'd play on controller which is so underrated and so much fun, I'd play on pad, or even stepmania with a keyboard (which i played constantly at school). Fast forward another few years and I didn't play as often, but whenever I saw a good machine I'd play a round. Found a good machine in my town, it was a jcab with really good sensors and a perfect pad. Played it a lot, but then it showed up on Craigslist for sale.
    So naturally, I saved and saved and ask for loans from friends and family. I got it!
    (I was going to out a photo of it here but the uploaded is being difficult right now.)
    If I played it quarter by quarter since buying it, I would have put more money into the machine than I spent on buying it. I played this machine for countless hours.
    It unfortunately needs a new monitor now, but I've got one on the way. Going to try and fix the old one some time, just not sure when I'll get to. DDR is one of my passions, I never did any tournaments or anything, but I got an occasional AAA on heavy mode.

    Sticking to rhythm games, Guitar Hero and Rockband I play expert on most everything for those, even on singing. I love these games. I spent so much time on RB3.

    I'd say I'm pretty good at Rogue Legacy. I had never played it before and I had a longer run than all of my friends who had been playing it for a few hours prior. Since then I've only gotten better and better.

    Quake Live. This was a live service/free to play version of Quake 3 basically. It ran in the browser instead of through a client. I would say I was really good at this game. I knew the maps, I knew where the pickups and items all were. I could bunny hop like a mofo. I really miss this game. Quake Champions didn't quite click with me. I feel like there will never be another Quake Live or Quake 3. There are a lot of newer classic style arena shooters but not with the community or player base that the old Quakes had.

    That's all for now.