Games you're thinking about playing

I want to play Fallout 1 and 2. For those that have played these:

  • Do you think they’re worth playing?

  • How hard will they be to play in 2024? I mean that in for both raw difficulty and also for better or worse we’re almost 3 decades removed from the game design standards of the time.

  • I know there are lots of mods available for both: anyone have anything they recommend? I’m mostly interested in stuff like bug fixes and maybe QOL/easier difficulty mods. I’ve also seen some sentiment that the currently available versions have been censored or something compared to the originals? Maybe something that undoes that.


I bought a double pack of Fallout 1 and 2 in probably 2001 or 2002 and attempted playing both of them several times over the years. I remember the games felt pretty crusty even back then, when Fallout 2 would’ve only been a few years old. I couldn’t get into them at all, they were just very plodding, ugly games to me.


Worth playing?

  • The original yes, the sequel yes if you really like the first one
  • imo they’re just as playable as any peer crpg (baldurs gate, arcanum, etc)
  • don’t know anything about mods
  • Something to Keep In Mind: old school Fallout fans are reputed to be weird misanthropes so grain of salt about QoL, “censorship” etc on this topic

I played through 1 a few years back and liked it quite a lot. The beginning is rough though, it tells you hardly anything. I think it was maybe my third attempt starting it over several years, this time I was more determined. I can’t remember how long it took for everything to click, but it did click and I had a good time.

I’d recommend trying it blind and if you’re struggling to engage just look online for tips of where to go, how to build your character, etc.

Been meaning to try 2 at some point as that is the main one people are really fond of.

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My list of games I tell myself I need to play because I’d probably like them a lot but that I never get around to seems to largely occupy a particular genre. I’m not sure why that is.

  • Disco Elysium
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 (liked but lost interest in the first one and heard 2 is better)
  • Fallout 1 (never played any of them but my brother said they were good)
  • Pillars of Eternity 2 (liked but lost interest in the first one and heard 2 is better)
  • Torment: Tides of Numerera

This was my favorite game of 2020. The criticisms of it are valid but once it gets going it’s such a great, memorable experience. Be sure to do both endings and both epilogues.

I played this for the first time not too long ago. Normally I don’t care for DQ remakes (no interest in 1-4 on any platform but NES) but I played 5 on PS2 and really enjoyed that version.


Anyone want to take up smoking so we can play through this classic


I’m thinking about playing Ultima. Which version of Ultima 1 should I play?

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I’m at the point of no return in FFVII Rebirth, and have had such fun with it that I don’t want it to end, so I’m prolonging my time with it by hanging out in sidequests. But one can only race chocobos so much until it’s time to face the music…

I’m a little daunted about the next medium to large experience, just because FF7R was the game I was waiting for and more. I don’t think it would be fair to jump directly into another RPG, even though I have a weird amount of confidence to take on other big games I haven’t finished.

I want to play a real video gamey video game. Something with a silly name, about 10-15 hours of raw gameplay, and enough substance that I don’t need to get too invested in it, but could sneak up and pleasantly surprise me.

This is my short list for the indecisive thread, but open to suggestions.

  • Blazblue: Entropy Effect
  • Axiom Verge
  • Brain Lord
  • Daemon X Machina
  • Bomb Rush Cyber Funk
  • Tales of Kenzera ZAU

Periodically, something will re-ignite an itch I’ve had for years at this point:

I want to play and ideally complete Dark Souls (or another of the Soulsborne games, which I would hope “unlocks” the rest of them for me). I do not, generally, mix well with them, though. The combat does not work for me because of a combination of visual processing issues and cerebral palsy that means I have a far harder time than I think is intended learning attack patterns and with response times (particularly when it comes to things like precise use of shoulder buttons being so core to combat)

This compounds with the overall gameplay loop being built around learning from failure, because limitations of execution make the learning so much more complicated. So, instead of getting that elation from finally clearing a boss, I’m always so exhausted by the end of it that I’m more just glad it’s over

But as someone who is often unhappy with “quality of life” changes in video games (I’ve been yelling at clouds about how easy teleportation is in Final Fantasy XIV for over ten years, as an example), these games absolutely fascinate me. I’m all but certain that if I could just deal with that fundamental bugbear I’d probably have an “all-timer” kind of experience

But I’ve tried several times now, and I always end up having to put the game down (which has usually been Dark Souls, which I’ve purchased more than once, but I had a similar enough experience with Bloodborne that I’ve thus far been reluctant to purchase any of the others)

But the itch has been gnawing at me again for a few months now and the gnawing got a bit more intense this morning, so here I am


I know all too well the feeling of wanting to “get” a game that just seems to keep evading me. And as much as I’ve given up on trying to get into games I don’t get, I hope I can maybe give you enough encouragement to give it another shot, because the Souls series is very near and dear to me (especially the first Dark Souls) and it can be a very rewarding experience once it clicks.

My first bit of advice: Don’t listen to anybody’s advice!! Just go in and hit buttons and experiment with different weapons and loadouts. I had multiple people tell me I’m playing the game “wrong”, but I’ve beaten the thing multiple times so what do they know! The game is really good about giving you a huge toybox of weapons and armor to play with and rewards experimentation. The only caveat, I will say it’s a bit easier for new players to start with a “quality” build at first until you get used to the game… That is to say, pump STR, DEX and VIT and whack things with a simple sword until you get used to the more complicated mechanics.

My other bit of advice: Take the game at your own pace. The first Dark Souls is really good about this moreso than the others (especially Bloodborne. Bloodborne kinda hits you over the head with its mechanics until you’re left bloody and crying… I’ve only played through that one once and don’t really care for it, honestly). But towards the beginning don’t be afraid to tiptoe around. Kill a couple enemies then sprint back to the bonfire to rest and reload. Next time you venture out, just get a bit farther until you feel ready to push yourself.

Not sure how far you’ve gotten before you decided to put the game down, but the game definitely fights you for a bit before you finally go “Ohhhhh I see…” For me, this didn’t happen until well after the Bell Tower Gargoyles my first time playing through. I kinda muscled my way through and the game clicked for me during my run through Darkroot Garden to the Moonlight Butterfly.

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The farthest I’ve gotten was the…Capra Demon? The one with the dogs that ambush you almost immediately. That’s where I put the game down originally, on the PS3. I’ve not ever gotten back to that point. When I tried most recently, I think I got to the gargoyles and just could not summon the enthusiasm to push through them again


in dark souls it’s really helpful to have a route to get you going. the first couple hours of a run can be made way, way more comfortable with the right equipment if you are struggling. every one of these games has something busted to collect within the first 30 minutes you just gotta know where to look.

if you’re having trouble in DS1 you probably want to start as a pyro with the master key and run down to the valley of drakes to grab the Astora Straight Sword and the Dragon Crest Shield right away. stat up until you can use those and then don’t worry about anything but vit/end and upgrading your equipment for a bit. you can also give yourself a leg up by getting the drake sword from the dragon on the bridge in undead parish. this gear will make the first leg of the game much more forgiving without totally breaking it

also, the game doesn’t really.make this clear at any point but your humanity score significantly affects your defensive stats so use those consumables if you can, no reason to just sit on them!


Yeeeah the Capra Demon is just mean and is a common place where players just give up. I don’t blame you.

@haunts_u 's advice about the Drake Sword is good too. My very first playthrough I cheesed getting the Drake Sword and it definitely made everything a bit easier while I learned how it all worked. You can buy like 100 arrows from the first merchant you meet I think and park it on the bridge in the Undead Parish and shoot the Dragon’s tail hanging over the edge until he dies and you get the sword. No shame in cheesing!!


I relate to the frustrations with cerebral palsy. I’m very lucky to have a very mild case but it definitely makes certain games frustrating. I’m very poor with accurately moving the right controller stick and hitting buttons with any rapidity with my right hand. So console fpses and some shoot em ups are off the table for me.

Fortunately, I’m generally able to compensate my shortcomings with a pretty good sense of timing. It’s an odd thing, in many competitive and ranked games I’ve played I perform at the highest levels, but at the same time I probably can’t beat most FPSes on easy mode.

I don’t know if this is your experience with Dark Souls, but when games heavily challenge my physical limitation I get a severe brain fatigue and it just saps any enjoyment. If that’s the case I understand wanting to put the game down despite enjoying it.

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Mine is also fairly mild, fortunately!

This is certainly a part of it. It can make it much harder to focus, and it can be kind of exhausting sometimes. It doesn’t come up much, but there are some games that just make it a real struggle


Feel you with the Souls itch, always felt too opaque to get into. I first tried a Souls with Bloodborne in 2019, spent 6 hours of dying but could not for the life of me come to terms with how to defeat the first main boss. The Elden Ring hype sucked me in and that was my gateway into figuring things out. I’ve since gone back to Bloodborne and completed it and just today Dark Souls, but I don’t think I could have gotten to this point without Elden Ring.

ER has a lot of flexibility in how you approach the battles and setup your character. I was able to throw stats into magic very easily to setup solid ranged attacks that I leaned on for 70 hours (the magic was a lot easier to use than in Dark Souls in my experience). There’s plenty of places to go and things to do, you never run into that feeling of being stuck and circling the drain of an impossible boss when you’re just starting out; just go in another direction, keep flowing the path of least resistance. I leaned on guides and never actually finished ER but it taught me how to approach a Souls and I can’t wait to return someday. Best of luck!


Wheeeww, May 9th, 2024 is quite a day for indie games – a real nice antidote to the hellscape that corporate game development has descended into. Even though I have too many games in progress, I’m thinking a lot about playing 1000xRESIST, which came out today

I’m also thinking about playing Crow Country and Animal Well, but 1000xRESIST is really speaking to me on this Thursday evening, we’ll see how long my threadbare self-control holds out


Thinking yet again about playing Jazz Jackrabbit. Also, I remembered Crusader: No Remorse the other day and now I’ve been thinking about that. I only played it one time at my friend’s house. I don’t think that I especially want to play it, but I’ve been thinking about it!

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In 98/99, elementary school at the time I guess before IT existed, my friends and I had a shared copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 that we’d pass around and install on the school computers so that we could game during our typing classes. Never felt more bad.


Now I’m also thinking about playing 1000xResist

I’ve got too much on my plate right now, but this is going to have to go on my wishlist

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