Games you're thinking about playing

I’ve been looking at and reading about those Homeworld games now that the third one is coming out soon. I’ve not played any of them, but the remastered collection looks real neat. Does anyone have experience with this series? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

No experience with the remaster but speaking for the original HW 1+2 they’re worth playing imo. They’re one of those nothing else quite like it though many have tried sort of games.


Cool! The remastered collection comes with the originals, too, so I can easily try both it looks like.

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related: been waiting for a good time to pick up this game. It’s EA, not sure how “done” it is at this point, but holding off until the campaign is in place

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i keep thinking of playing threads of fate for the ps1. i keep hearing allusions comparing it to brave fencer musashi, one of my all time favorite games. i haven’t looked anything up about it but have had it ready to go for a couple months

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I did end up playing it on release night and have just (slowly) gotten to chapter 3. I’m enjoying it a ton so far, wrote a lil bit in the games we’re playing thread – it’s def a good thing to have on your wishlist, I think

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Shooooot this looks great

the developer is an insane person yeah

Kindof interested in playing Lorelei and the Laser Eyes. I was not a big fan of Sayonara Wild Hearts for a number of reasons, but I am in fact a huge fan of the puzzle bits from early Resident Evil games, so this would seem to be made explicitly for me.

It’s a little weird that I’ve seen practically no fanfare about the game given how much people gushed over SWH. Not that it’s a sole indicator or anything!

I know this is superficial, but I can’t get past the title

I agree, and knowing it’s the SWH folks who made it, it makes sense that it would have a distracting title.

I see that Ghost of Tsushima has come out on PC now – has anyone played it, and have any interesting thoughts about it?

I’m kinda thinking about trying it, but also it has come out at the standard “Sony says ‘deal with it, sucka’ price point ($94.95 AU)” which is pretty spicy. Especially when my proverbial gaming plate is already quite full.

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thats a lot of dough for an ubisoft open world kind of thing

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I … didn’t know it was one of those.


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Oh boy… I was gonna recommend but that’s a hefty price tag.

It’s definitely more open world fare, but I had fun with it as far as that sort of thing goes. The combat is good and there’s lots of customization.

As usual with those sort of games, I had more fun decking my samurai guy out and bumming around doing side missions on my own time than following the actual story most of the time.

The standout thing about Ghost of Tsushima is that it’s really pretty. The locations and set pieces are just really nicely designed and everything looks very traditional-yet-magical. So a definite selling point in the looks + vibes department.

The combat is fun but ultimately it never really kept me playing enough to finish the game. Mostly because in these open world type games I feel a compulsive need to clear all the map markers and that’s just a full-time job with these.

Would I pay that much money for it? no


I picked it up having never played SWH. The vibes are kinda annoying like the title. The puzzles are fun but have been more math and pattern based. It’s not reminding me of RE except for the fixed camera angles. There is an inventory system tho so it might get more RE later

this game is real, and it’s this one

I’m making my way through it now, not too far atm. Enjoying it overall. It’s a little too nerd-talky unfortunately but I’m rolling with it/clicking through dialogue very quickly




Yume Nikki Online (an online platform for playing Yume Nikki and its most popular fangames) is releasing an exclusive fangame soon. I will be playing that for sure and maybe more 2kki since it’s been years. If anyone is interested we could make a thread to share usernames and meet up :)