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If it’s 90s Squaresoft title, you can usually expect something good.


Parasite Eve still has one of the coolest combat systems in a video game. I really love the monster designs as well and thought the firearm upgrade system worked really well too. There are a ton of cool sets in the game and the journey you take through New York feels so much like being in 1998.


Given how many remakes they’ve put out I kinda wish SquareEnix would either master PE or make a new game in the series! I wonder how popular it was in general? (IC is not the best indicator)


I believe the issue is due to the licence of Parasite Eve from the book, even though it’s seen as a sequel to it. It’s why the third game had the truly odd name of The 3rd Birthday.

I often wondered if the source code was lost like with FFVIII and it’d have to be a full remake which probably wouldn’t be as popular as it should be. Personally I’d love to see one but I’m not sure there’s a big enough market sadly.

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I remember it getting some buzz from the general video gaming internet a few years back after VII Remake turned out so well. I just replayed it two years back and I feel like they could just make the PSX version available on PS5 and it would find the right audience.


I can’t say truly how popular it was, but it did get a greatest hits reprint in America.
I think a remaster would probably do fairly well if it were kinda advertised.
The kids love psx-style graphics in horror games.
But I famously don’t know anything.


I can recall that museum area in Parasite Eve from memory even though it’s been at least 10 years since I have played it. Great video game space.


I always forget about that! And yeah, I’m sure that’s got at least something to do with it.

I had been thinking about PE lately anyway after seeing how the VA-11 Hall-A folks are making a new game that has an extremely PE vibe to it.


I think we’ve managed to answer the question:

Different things to different people - but overall a game worth playing.

With a cool Japanese box!


I never played a Hitman game. Maybe I should play a Hitman game.

Is what I thought today. However I had this thought once before and as I currently stare blankly at the steam store page of HITMAN World Of Assassination I remember why I didn’t buy it last time: Within half a scroll down the page I am bombarded with five big green call to action buttons asking me to

  • Download HITMAN Free Starter Pack
  • Buy HITMAN World of Assassination Part One
    (Does not include VR or Freelancer modes)
    for 2,99€
  • Buy HITMAN World of Assassination for 27,99€
  • Buy HITMAN World of Assassination Deluxe Edition for 44,99€
  • Buy HITMAN World of Assassination Deluxe Pack for 20,97€

Okay, calm down. This is not your first rodeo. Maybe further down everything will become clear. Another half-scroll later my eyes glaze over as they meet a list of 6 DLCs that seem to be cosmetic in nature except one is a campaign pack. Is this actual content? I don’t know. Continue scrolling, everything will become clear. The noise filter in my subconsious hides the Recent Events & Announcements section from my higher order brain processes to prevent further confusion.

COMPARISON GRID screams the next subheading, teasing me with a small preview of an image that promises to explain it all. I click READ MORE. The image fills the full height of steam’s store browser. CHOOSE YOUR EDITION tells me the image. The rest is blurry and hard to read. I click on the image, hoping it would pop up as a bigger more legible version. Nothing happens. I ctrl + mousewheel up in the hope the steam browser knows the concept of zooming. Nothing happens, I sigh.

I lean forward, my chair creaks, my back hurts. I squint my eyes. A blurry comparison matrix of the aforementioned versions becomes barely decipherable. I see a list of place names. Paris, Marrakesh, Bangkok. Mission Maps, probably, maybe. Are the maps the story missions? Or are they just maps? Should I even care about a story? I don’t want to miss anything important!. I read further: Colorado, Hokkaido, Patient Zero Campaign. Oh campaign! This must be story content! But is it the main story or just an additional campaign for after the main event? Better continue reading. Everything will become clear. The list continues: 3 Deluxe Escalations, Freelancer Game Mode, VR Mode, Hawke’s Bay, Miami. My cerebral cortex starts to tingle and my eyes lose focus as the offensively low contrast, bright red boxes with the thin white text INCLUDED written on them start burning themselves into my retina. What is a deluxe escalation? This comparison grid really isn’t helping. Why is the marketing material speaking to me like I’m part of an internal product scope meeting? I rub my eyes and blink a few times.

Time to abandon this low-res png file and move on. Everything will become clear if I just persist. I scroll further down and come upon three more sections, each titled like three of the five call to action buttons at the top of the store page, and three of four columns in the comparison grid. I begin to read. I find mostly sentences devoid of deeper meaning. Marketing SEO filler text written probably by an unpaid intern. The descriptions of World of Assassination Part One and World of Assassination are virtually identical. I skip over the description of the deluxe edition.

The last section is titled ABOUT THIS GAME. Three quickly flashing gifs with sparse caption text stimulate what remains of my attention. I read the text. It is the same text of the above sections, cut and rearranged in a slightly different order. My head feels numb.

Mature Content Description.
System Requirements.

I close the steam client. Maybe during the next sale


I would say, to avoid the nonsense of the new trilogy (that are quuite good) just buy Absolution or Blood Money, but weirdly those games aren’t even on sale.
(Supposedly Absolution isn’t one of the good ones, but i still really liked it)


I think this is all so confusing because World Of Assassination is a roll-up package of three previous games, that bundles them all together as one thing and also adds some extra modes on top.

Essentially, you can have all the maps (which are places the story/missions take place (which are all those city names you cite)) within a single game now.


@mtvcribs @rejj Thanks for your replies! I looked a little deeper into it and I think I get it now! I just had a little too much fun being theatrical with it.

It’s wild how they get away with such a bad store page. What definitely doesn’t help is that they must be at least somewhat aware of how confusing it all is so they changed the store page multiple times and all the comments/reviews explaining what is actually going on are referring to outdated names and DLCs. IO Interactive would definitely benefit from hiring somebody who knows what an elevator pitch is and putting them in the marketing team.

Anyway my takeaway is: Just buy the standard edition with no pre- or suffixes and you get basically everything you need (Hitman 1/2/3). The whole Part One deal is selling you one third of the content for half of the price (unless it’s heavily discounted) and the Deluxe Edition adds mostly cosmetic stuff except for two levels from Hitman 2 for some reason.


Enough people here have been talking about it that now I am quite strongly thinking about playing 1000x Resist.

Is this a good “bed time” game, thus pushing me towards getting it on my Switch and flaking out with it?
Or should I grab it on Steam?

(steam deck is still not on sale in my region, alas)


I’m playing it on PC but I think it could work well as a switch game too.

The actual gameplay is pretty laid back and lends itself to a handheld. The game is structured into chapters and I like to play it one chapter at a time which boils down to around 1,5h - 2h for me so far.

Probably the biggest reason for me to play it on my large desktop screens are the visuals. While the game does not have super high fidelity graphics, it does a lot with what it’s got and some of these scenes just look great on a big screen.

I haven’t finished it yet so I’m not sure if there’s anything down the line that changes things up drastically.

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Been playing a lot of Elden Ring but thinking of playing something puzzley on Switch. Never heard of La-Mulana until Animal Well drew comparisons so grabbed it on sale for Switch. Thinking of either giving La-Mulana 1 a go, getting back into Animal Well or Void Stranger (not on Switch sadly), or Paradise Killer.


La-Mulana is one of the most opaque games I’ve ever played and I can’t hang with it at all, but the fun I’ve seen other people have with that game has shown me that it’s really something special.


Considering finally giving Terranigma more than a brief playthrough! Just about every SFC/SNES person I’ve ever encountered seems to love it, so what’s keeping me from trying it finally? (The backlog of like 20,000 other games is what’s keeping me, in all honesty)


I’m thinking about getting pacific drive. The thing holding me back is games never evoke the feeling of what it’s like being in the pacific Northwest. I’m guessing this game will be no different.


Thinking about Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition for the Switch. It sounds like a carefully curated set of challenges from games, which interests me. I like being 32,469 on a leaderboard. But I’m not sure this is better than, say, just playing a single full game with time attack and leaderboards in it (like Sonic Origins) or challenges as well as full games (like Genesis Classics).