Games you've beaten with little to no translation

Often times, as gamers, we end up playing some games that would otherwise become unplayable, mostly due to language barriers, but every now and then, we find a game that is either based on something we have played the English version of, or have played the source game that this non-English variant is based off of (or visa versa).

For me, the one game that I fondly remember playing from start to finish, with only having to translate a single part (using Google to get a VERY ROUGH translation of) is "Bio Hazard", a bootleg for the NES based on the PS1 original release "Biohazard/Resident Evil".

While the game did have a bizarre combat mechanics, and was in 2D instead of 3D, based on my experiences (with the exception of the portrait room) was EXTREMELY accurate to the source material and I was able to play it just based on muscle memory.

So what about y'all? Any games you've played that required little or no translation at all in order to fully playthrough?

I‘d definitely be cheating by including games I played once my Japanese comprehension was decent, so I’ll limit myself to examples before that:

  • - I made it halfway through Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 before I decided, “Fuck it; I'm learning how 7Zip works so I can download the fucking translation patch.”
  • - On a related note, I beat *Tear Ring Saga* very shortly after the first fan translation was published, meaning I was playing the majority of it before the patch was available to me. Note my phrasing, though: the *patch* might not have been available, but all the .txt files comprising the translation *were* (it was basically open to the public). Not understanding Japanese at the time, I did what anybody would do: dumped them all into a giant-ass Word file, punch whatever line of dialogue I was on into (made all the more difficult by the font being a little non-standard), and then compare that against what the still-uncompiled fan translation had put in. Also note that the vast majority of this translation was run through early 2010s Google Translate despite the explicit warning against it. Was this a smart way to play *Tear Ring Saga*? Absolutely not. But it's my way, and that's all that matters.
  • - Finally, we have the first game I decided to play through while making an actual effort to read the Japanese: *Planet Laika*. Anybody who's even heard of *Planet Laika* can already think up countless reasons why this was a horrible, *horrible* idea.
  • Dracula X Nocture in the Moonlight for Saturn having bought it from EB Games in the late 90s. First time going through SOTN and I have always played the PS1 version since. If the itch ever strikes me to play SOTN again, it will have to be the Saturn version.


    @“Video_Game_King”#p85952 I made it halfway through Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

    Excuse me for [repeating myself](, but, similarly, I got through to the bad ending of Fire Emblem 6* without a translation. In order to get the good ending, you need to know what's going on in the dialogue between chapters, which hint at specific conditions you can meet to unlock side chapters and obtain legendary weapons. I unlocked some of them by accident the first time, but you have to get all of them in order to progress past chapter 22 (25 chapters in all).

    I was very familiar with Fire Emblem 7 already, and 6 had pretty much identical controls, mechanics, and menu layouts. Especially helpful were the little weapon sprites in each character's inventory which let me more easily tell the difference between iron, steel, silver weapons, etc.

    Didn't read any of the fan-translated script at the time. I read plenty of books as a kid but had a weird habit of skipping dialogue in most games even when they were in English (it took me a while to figure out how to actually play Fire Emblem 7 for that reason), so it's no surprise I didn't go the extra mile to look up the dialogue on the Internet. For the second playthrough I had finally learned to read dialogue regularly, but I mostly played the game during car trips and didn't have a portable supercomputer with Internet access in my pocket at the time.

    *now known as "The Binding Blade" because of Smash Bros. sticker translations or something...

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    ...but back in my day it was called _Sword of Seals_!! (Fire Emblem Fire Emblem!)
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    I only ever had a French version of Flashback for DOS and had no idea what was going on.

    I now have the English version on my Switch, but have hardly played it — I think I don’t want to ruin the mystery.

    I had a DS flash cart when I was in high-school and I was really excited about playing The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Since it was before the English release, I got the Japanese version.

    I finished the game and quite enjoyed it. I did need help on a couple puzzles. One you have to close the ds for a stamp from the top screen can transfer to something on the bottom screen. Which I think is pretty close to the beginning. The other part I for sure was lost on was a puzzle where you draw the shape of the island and it looks like a whale.

    I played the game in English after it came out here and had a lot of fun but didn't quite finish it that time.

    I beat Mother 3 in 2006. My grammy up in Maine got me the Mother 3 Deluxe box for my fourteenth birthday that year. I think it was like $160 or $200. I played it during class because it was smaller than any device any teacher would recognize. I later used a translation guide from gameFAQs, using a black and white iPod, which, I had to download a program to split up the guide into over 600 files, because the ipod's text file reader had a very small file size limit. I read along on the ipod while playing the rest of the game, and I still cried.