GDC Talk Recommendations

I was just watching some different GDC talks on YouTube and realized “why have the YouTube algorithm direct me when I’ve got a ton of good gaming brains I can ask for suggestions?”

Please share your recommended talks! (Are some just only on the GDC site still? I’m guessing so)

My go-to is Jeff Vogel’s talk about his journey as an indie dev (I like his games, find the curmudgeonliness refreshing, and am inspired at how he made it work in spite of the limitations of his games)

Though it is relatively recent, this is a new favorite of mine. I put this on my TV and let Mark Cerny gently talk through the night about once a month. It is such a cozy video.

It *was* a planned GDC talk, but the pandemic had just struck at time of its recording.

@“MDS-02”#p131849 this was very cool! I played the demo for Geneforge over and over as a kid! Very grateful for his overly long demos. Maybe it's time I actually give him money after all these years