Get a GRIP!!!

Look at this silly thing.

If this review is to be believed, the only thing I can find referencing it, we are looking at an ebay original.

I’ve never owned any of these weird handheld attachments that modify the feel or fit in your hands. I’ve always just adapted to a device’s form factor. But there’s a whole history of them stretching back as far as handhelds themselves probably and I’m morbidly curious about probing that history. Show me what you’ve got, your faves, and etc.!!

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I feel like this might belong in the little sibling controller thread!

@“exodus”#p156568 are all handheld attachments little sibling material? I kind of think so but I'm not the intended audience.




I am ok with the threads being merged.

@“connrrr”#p156570 OH. This is my mistake, I missed that this original thing was an attachment. Sorry! Let's have a thread for this!!

having a grip or a magnifying glass thingy for a handheld is older brother privilege imo

@“exodus”#p156576 haha it is hard to tell what it's trying to do without an SP slotted in to prop up the sad looking thumbstick!

@“connrrr”#p156578 I see now. It goes over the controls of the SP!

Looks like a mini version of the [batarang PS3 concept controller](

I really like the 3DS extra stick grip thing. I got the Resident Evil Revelations pack with it in. Played a load of that and a load of Monster Hunter. Felt really comfortable for my long fingers.

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