Get Bonus! The joys of bonus rooms

I love a good bonus room in a videogame. It really feels like a little extra treat when done well. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cool Spot's great bonus levels are *probably* the best part of the whole game

The bonus levels in Super Monkey Ball offer a fun alternate play style to the white knuckle death pits of the main game

All the LEGO games get real weird with it in their bonus levels, which I appreciate

I wanna know what bonus levels are cool/memorable to you!

Ah man, bonus rooms are so cool. Euro games are like 50% bonus room so I wonder if those even count, but regardless the first that comes to mind is robocop vs terminator, which has a bunch of secret areas, one of which has a photo of the dev congratulating you. I briefly posted it on Twitter thanking him in return but then I saw his Twitter and it was full of The Bad Stuff. Oh well, still a fun zone.

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Speaking of dev rooms I like the temple of the chicken god in Highlander cd (here's the unreleased dos version) where you get the most powerful weapon in the game (rubber chicken) and can view all the dev photos. I can't timestamp from my phone but check around the 45 minute mark.

(I realize you're talking more about bonus games than secret rooms but I took the prompt literally)

I really like the secret room in Super Castlevania IV where you can make a random old man die of sadness by killing his dog

Can we get some documentation of that one room that Frank likes from that one game? With the coffee pot

Does anyone know if the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters added the developer bonus room? I know this was not in the PC release, but I'm curious if they added it to the console update…

It was always fun to stumble upon this stuff. Some great gags here:

The smartphone/PC version of FFIV definitely doesn‘t have it… IIRC the explanation for cutting it was that they couldn’t just add it without also getting the sign-off from everybody originally featured in the room. They may have added it to the new console versions, which have a lot of tweaks.

oh shoot what a good idea for a thread- I love bonus rooms!!

I have a special attachment to the Mappy bonus rooms, because I used to play the game all the time as a kid with my dad, who was absolutely amazing at the game, but would pass the controller off to me for each of the bonus rooms. I haven't thought about them in a long time, but I still have all the patterns memorized. I like how they break-up the action with what are basically mini puzzles, which teach you some useful little trampoline techniques.