Giant robots!

With the proximity to 13 Sentinel‘s launch I’ve been craving for some good Mecha Action. It has always surprised me the relative scarcity of videogames about this subject, specially considering it seems like a match made in heaven. The fantasy of piloting a bulky giant robot and save the world is a powerful one, but it seems few people seems to want to make those games!

The ones I've been playing today and sparked the idea to make this thread are the Assault Suits series, kind of a rip-off of Gundam in terms of story, but with a more dry and militaristic aproach, akin to stuff like Armored Trooper VOTOMS (Assault Suits kinda sounds like their take on this naming convention). The first two games were released on Megadrive and Super Nintendo respectively, and there were some sequels for Saturn and PlayStation but those were never localized outside of Japan.



Another cool one that came to mind is writing this is Robot Alchemic Drive. A PS2 that does the mecha thing with a cool twist: the robot is remotely controlled, so you have to move your character and look for vantage points in order to follow the action.


So, what do you think? Do you feel the same way? And better yet, what are your favorites? Because I sure could do with some recommendations!

A neat obscure one was 다이나모 비스트 (A.k.a Dynamo Beast) by Byulbram Creature.

It was a free online 2D Mech combat game in which you designed a mech and in theory tested your mettle and metal against others online, but in practice you designed a cool mech and then rode it around a desolate city because no-one else was online.

I like Assault Suits Valken alot, but every one of the Leynos ones I've tried has really boring stage design in comparison. Maybe they get better later on?, but like I most vividly remember the Saturn one. The first stage is just this big line. Seems like all the recent games inspired by the series follow that pattern too :confused: I think the Assault Suits games def have the best 2-D mecha feel.

I love _RAD_! If you like that maybe track down the _Tetsujin 28_ game Sandlot also did. That's my fave. The controls are a _little_ simplified in comparison, but it's got lots of neat moves and real cool presentation. The DS mecha game they did rules too.

I still haven't tried to get into the _Armored Core_ games. Just played a bit of... the first one, I think.

_Bulk Slash_ on the Saturn is real good. My theory is that just posting a screenshot will communicate that, so here's something from a quick image search:

There are lots of real pretty mecha games on Japanese PCs..........

@Geoff#6454 Wow that‘s a deep cut right there. I don’t know if I will have a chance to try it someday but it's cool to know it exists.

@Blrb#6458 I also think Valken is the good stuff. Leynos has interesting objectives during missions (protecting bases and stuff like that) but the level design is super basic in comparison and even worse: the game is insanely hard, even with the health auto regen everything destroys you in like 30 seconds. There were a couple of games that followed the trail of Valken in a way, one is Metal Warriors, a game developed from LucasArts, from all people, and distributed by Konami, which led some people to believe it was a sequel to Cybernator (the name of the western version of Valken), while in reality both games were completely independent. But it is surprisingly good, and deserves a playthrough.


The other one is Front Mission: Gun Hazard, an action spin-off of the popular mecha RPG franchise. I have yet to try this one but apparently pushes even further the formula introducing mecha customization, which has become a staple in the genre since. It was developed by a team which had some members from Masaya, the creators of Leynos and Valken, so that explains the similarities.


I didn't know about the Tetsujin 28 game, but I always loved the design, I'm a fan mechas with human-looking eyes like Giant Robo and Shin Getter. By the DS game you mean Chosoju Mecha MG, I guess? I've been wanting to try that one but haven't yet. The concept looks RAD (amazing joke, I know).

Bulk Slash looks amazing! I'm going to give it a try as soon as I can, thanks for the heads up!

If you like Valken and Gun Hazard, I recommend Blood Gear on the PC Engine, which I discovered thanks to the Wii’s Virtual Console when it released back then, I think in late 2008 ~ early 2009 (Japan only). A nice mix of RPG, action and those typical PCE anime cutscenes.

@chazumaru#6487 Hey that one looks cool! The gameplay kinda reminds me of Ys III with mechs, and I love Ys III so that's a win.

Digging a bit deeper in this type of side scrolling mecha game there is Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX. I game I only discovered very recently. Originally it was released as a doujin game but later got ported to PSP, there was also a Steam version and Playism were the publishers, but some nonsense happened with the license and sadly the game got pulled off from the store front. Not that it makes the game impossible to find but, you know.

Yesterday I decided for a change of pace though, and finally started a playthrough of Metal Slader Glory. It's a Visual Novel game released for the NES that, interestingly enough, it was developed by HAL Laboratory, you know, those guys who did a game called Kirby or some nonsense. It was around the time Satoru Iwata was working there and there are a couple of little nods to him in the game. The most interesting part, though, is that it was released in Japan in 1991. By that time, the Super Famicom had already been in the market for a full year. The game isn't scared of that, and it's probably the most impressive piece of software released for the NES, they managed to squeeze the system up to its very limits, and that alone makes it interesting to play. It's very short for a VN too, clocking around 4 hours, so that's a plus too!

I am not generally into this genre, BUT I will say:

  • - Dynamo Beast is good (we talked about it years ago on insert credit even!)
  • - Bulk Slash is good
  • - Blood Gear is good
  • - ranger x, if you count that, is also very good.

  • I don't know if the robot or the slow/deliberate movement is the most important bit - I'm cool with robots, but less so with the plodding pace for whatever reason, which is why I like the above games!

    @exodus#6564 Ranger X is awesome! I wouldn't say the slow movement is a requirement, but I guess since it is one of the easiest and most obvious ways of conveying weight, scale, size, etc. it has maybe been overdone a bit.

    Talking about faster paced games here are a couple on the top of my head:

  • - Armored Warriors. The Capcom beat em up, I would call this one too fast, even.
  • - Omega Boost. The only not-Gran Turismo game made by Polyphony Digital I am capable of remember XD
  • - Bangai-O. Probably not the first game you think of when talking mechas but hey! It is what it is!
  • - And of course, the legendary Virtual-On: Cyber Troopers, a game I dare to call —although hesitant— my favorite of the genre.

  • This Capcom Gundam game on dreamcast has surprisingly good animation! I wonder if robot likers are into this one.

    @exodus#6898 Ah, yeah! I remember this one. I love the interface and sound design, super authentic and true to the original series.

    There are a lot of excellent Gundam games, which is maybe understandable given the steady amount of adaptations it has gotten over the years (and there is a lot of trash too, I admit). But here are some of my favs:

    For starters, everything SD from the Super Nintendo. There are like 10 games? made in this style and some are jank but most of them are super fun and they tackle a wide variety of genres. STG, beat em up, classic platformer... there are some some crossovers with other franchises too. These are a great.

    PSX had the Battle Assault franchise. Two excellent fighting games with very impressive animations and visuals. If anyone is interested in fighting games there is also Endless Duel for the SNES, very good too!

    The Mobile Suit Gundam Seed game for the PS2 is a very good side scrolling beat em up with killer soundtrack. Awesome game too. I always digged the aesthetic choice of the small portraits appearing over the enemies.

    Finally that game you linked, Brandon, was one of several Capcom developed for the franchise in the 2000s, and in fact, those gave birth to the Gundam VS franchise, arguably the most popular and well regarded series of all Gundam games. Although it started as it's own thing, eventually evolved into a spiritual successor of the Cyber Trooper/Virtual-On games. Check out how sick and fast paced this shit is.

    Last Gundam VS game, which has the most hilariously over the top title AND logo, now developed by Namco released only a couple of months ago, features ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SIX characters from the franchise in game that is intended to be taken as a serious fighting game with deep systems.

    Since @JoJoestar already covered the Gundam Vs. lineage part, I‘ll just add it was designed by the great Tomita “Tomichin” Atsushi, one of the lesser known but best planners in Capcom’s history, also responsible for their more famous “Vs.” series as well as the cult classic Gotcha Force.

    A lot of the team responsible for the game was the same CPSIII development team under Funamizu that earlier took care of JoJo and SFIII. Several key members of that team later left to create the company [ByKing]( which, as far as I know, is still helping with the Gundam Vs. series as a subcontractor.

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    Imagawa’s adaptation of **Giant Robo** (1992〜1998), possibly the greatest OVA series ever released, is getting a [176 pages commemorative book]( this Friday for its 30th anniversary.

    I still need to watch the last episode of that…


    @“chazumaru”#p96902 possibly the greatest OVA series ever released

    I'm not sure was ever a more perfect pairing of 60's manga character design and 90's action, and there were an absolute ton of 60's manga/anime reimaginings in the 90's. It's one of only a few properties that make me actively wish even more had been done with the world outside of those few OVA episodes-- I can remember wishing they had used every single one of the Mitsuteru Yokoyama robots that got a cameo in the intro for more in the episodes themselves. I think anything more might have ruined it or at least made it feel less perfect though (the 2000's manga continuations were both nowhere near as interesting and good)!

    ~~Also kinda stinks that as of about a month ago when I last checked, this was just about impossible to find for streaming or physically in North America outside of questionable amazon marketplace sellers!~~ I have my ancient VHS tapes of it but no working device to play them on anymore.

    @“Karasu”#p96907 The current Blu-ray release is typically very available!

    Since this thread got bumped and everyone is talking about a new Armored Core, let me say that Chromehounds by From Software on the 360 is one of my favourite giant robot games.

    The single player is plodding mech action but the multiplayer was plodding mech action with some inspired design choices.

    The multiplayer was set in a persistent battle between three nations and everything game you played would contribute to the war effort of the nation you chose to fight for. You would also join a clan of up to 20 players. This clan would act as a lobby; 20 of you hanging out and customising your mech while groups of 6 players would head off to battle before returning back to the lobby. I played with some pals from a forum and it was like being in the pub each evening with a large group of friends and occasionally some of your friends would head out to do something for 15 minutes then come back and resume the conversation.

    In the game, each player controlled a mech of a different class. I forget most of the classes but one was critical AND genius.

    This was pre-Xbox Live party chat; you only had the game chat. In each match, the radio was down until you activated radio towers which has a radius around them in which voice chat was allowed. The commander class didn't have guns but instead acted as a moveable radio tower and could also detect enemies. They would then relay that information to their teammates using voice chat but only if people were within radio range. All of this meant that teamwork was crucial and a good commander could direct a team to dominate the battle. There was a real sense of danger if you struck out into the dead zone by yourself and a huge feeling of relief when the radio came online. You can't do this type of gameplay now because of console party chats and discord. It was a real moment in time.

    The mechs were big and deliberate and the game looked like what it was; a 2006 From Software game. It was amazing. It is one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had and it is a real shame the servers got turned off.

    Giant robot games are great and Chromehounds was a fantastic vision of tank like mechs fighting for their nation under spotty radio coverage.

    **Front Mission 1st Remake** will also get a physical release in Japan in June, courtesy of Square En… oh wait, courtesy of Rainy Frog. SQEX’s enthusiasm for this franchise is sobering.

    Speaking of Switch robot games, **Assault Suits Valken Declassified** came out worldwide this week on the Nintendo eShop.

    Here is a pretty positive review. The bonus contents are neat. I appreciate that they bothered translating the entire guidebook in English.


    @“◉◉maru”#p110577 Speaking of Switch robot games, Assault Suits Valken Declassified came out worldwide this week on the Nintendo eShop.

    It seems like Valken still hasn't been released for Switch in North America-- I wonder if it's the usual issue with ratings or whatever that seems to plague some ports of older games? I was prepared to buy it this past Thursday, since a bunch of sources listed it as a March 30 release, but to no avail!

    @“Karasu”#p110796 Sorry, I don’t have a US or Canadian account but I find it here and saw some US people on Youtube mentioning that they did buy it.

    What eShop "country" are you trying to buy it from? Canada? Maybe it’s a problem with a specific country?

    @“◉◉maru”#p110802 I’m in Canada, but it turns out the answer is pretty dumb: