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YO !!! (with extremely back of the class energy) Discord Dot GG Slash Actionbutton AKA The Goblin Bunker AKA Insert Credit Forums Mechanical Evil Twin presents a CHARITY MUSIC STREAM (translation: people record a 15 minute dj set, they drop that audio file into adobe premiere or davinci resolve or if they're a real freak: they download some app on their phone, they sync up some visuals to their dj mix, this usually features “niche” or “cool” video game footage that you all will probably recognize & nod your head or chuckle at, then, we stream those sets back to back to back at TWITCH.TV/GOBLINBUNKER, raise money for charity, and generally go wild in the chat.)

last year's event had an amazing turn out and we'd love to get even MORE FREAKS to show up this goaround. check out the vod (featuring a set by Esper & Brandon): https://archive.org/details/GOBLINBUNKERPUBLICACCESS

Saturday, July 16th, 6PM PT [twitch.tv/goblinbunker](https://www.twitch.tv/goblinbunker)
see you there !!! <3

helllllll yeah!!

Let's get this shit stickied @Syzygy @exodus

@“Gaagaagiins”#p77667 http://static.skaip.org/img/emoticons/180x180/f6fcff/eg.gif

Shoot! I would've done another one!!

This was a super enjoyable time and I even downloaded the thing and have watched it a couple of times to chill and enjoy the vibes while cooking and doing chores, so very glad you're going for a Round 2!




@“exodus”#p77671 dont worry this is far from the last one we're going to do!!

@“JoJoestar”#p77676 that's so sick lol

the OFFICIAL LINEUP + SET TIMES! see y'all on SATURDAY - 6PM PT https://www.twitch.tv/goblinbunker

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Heck yeah

@dicegame do you happen to know if anyone is seeding the archive.org torrent for the archive of the previous broadcast you linked? I've had a whole world of issues trying to stream or download it normally. I know that archive.org auto creates a torrent file for every item archived, but I do not know if they also run a seed themselves. (I should look! oops)

I'm keen to have a bit of a watch to get a feel for what's going on

@“rejj”#p78316 i am not personally seeding it, and i doubt anyone else is. your best bet is to try and watch it in the browser, or download the mp4 directly, but it‘s a massive file (4 and a half hours long) and it sounds like that hasn’t been working for you. i can dm you a google drive link if you'd like to try that.

@“rejj”#p78316 I believe all archive.org torrents support webseeding from their own servers, so as long as your client also supports it you should be good


the show is today :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre: 6PM PT, twitch.tv/goblinbunker


THE SHOW IS NOW LIVE BABYYY! https://www.twitch.tv/goblinbunker

Well that was a good time

I had to skip this because it started at 2AM where I live ;_; Will watch the recorded video but perhaps you guys consider making it more watchable for us Euro folks if you do a third edition?


@“JoJoestar”#p78613 it's a pretty us-focused channel so it feels unlikely - maybe there could be a euro gaiden edition??