that‘s right . . . . GOBLIN BUNKER PUBLIC ACCESS is back baby !!! featuring some faces who may be familiar to the insert credit forums. this is a livestream event where we play 15 minute audio / visual pieces back to back from the community at discord.gg/actionbutton. i’m always glad to see faces from the forums at the event and hope to see even more this time around. @exodus and @espercontrol have teamed up for another DJ TEMPLE SAFETY set which is sure to delight . . .

### December 9th, 6PM PT @ [twitch.tv/goblinbunker](https://www.twitch.tv/goblinbunker)


we ride

everyone had better enjoy it or else

What sort of a/v stuff is suitable? How does one submit candidate pieces for display?

Edit: never mind, just re-read and actually understood what’s going on here. I mistakenly thought this was a call for submissions. Sorry

@“rejj”#p142442 maybe next time though!


this event is TONIGHT !!! our final lineup. SEE YOU THERE !!!

# https://www.twitch.tv/goblinbunker


I was only able to tune in late, and caught everything from about halfway through the temple safety set onwards. Congrats to all involved on what seemed like a real cool event and a super cool charity drive.

had such a good time saturday night. we raised a total of $9,243.45 for the PCRF. VOD available here:


a growing playlist of the sets on youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0PhFLdt36XqeE3KUZib__UM21Ar8k3hK&si=GXtRoau_wE_RKFtP