:crystal_ball::crystal_ball::crystal_ball: HELLO :crystal_ball::crystal_ball::crystal_ball:

insert credit forums - the neighboring tower across the hill across the valley above the goblin bunker, i come to you to present a night of gregarious gobality, gangrene gremlintude, and globular gorging (metaphorically - these crystal balls are worth something)

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/dagaB3V.jpeg]

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/qyhc1EC.gif]

saturday, november 6th 6pm PT | twitch.tv/goblinbunker | stopline3.org

you may recognize some familiar faces :smiling_imp: i hope to you see you there

I'LL certainly be there!! i hope you are too!!

has the time finally come for me to figure out what discord is?

@“pasquinelli”#p47026 the stream is gonna be on twitch, but i can personally affirm the goblin bunker is pretty cool. (moves quite a bit faster than the forum though, so it's hard to have nice long comfy conversations the way we do here)

@“pasquinelli”#p47026 if you dare :smiling_imp:

I'll kick in some $ for the good cause

Esper and I made a thing which patrons have gotten a TINY taste test preview of already, using footage I took on crappy digital cameras in japan in 2003, one of which didn't even have a viewfinder and could only manage 15 second clips. so: look forward to that!!!

Incredible sets…amazing job @espercontrol and @exodus ! Still in disbelief that donations capped out at exactly $4420.69 lollll. Thanks @dicegame

That was great. I got to pop in for a few minutes & listened while I cooked dinner, & it was just exceptional. So glad for the $4420.69 raised for a good cause

we ended up getting to $4444.44 after the last set ended!! grateful for internet-community-adjacency with this space, glad we could do this very cool thing together!!!

Is it going to be available anywhere? It started at like, midnight for me and I am in my mid-30s with a normal bedtime.

@“LeFish”#p47547 I will be posting a link to the vod today in the discord!