Good documentaries on video games

@Moon#4905 holy moly. I‘m only just watching this now. what a time capsule. What’s happened in the last 10 years?

3DS announced and now it's just been discontinued.
G4 was there and now they're kinda coming back (?)
Tim grabbing up all the free game magazines that (mostly) no longer exist. Tthis bit probably made me laugh the hardest out of anything
'booth companions' no longer really a thing that happens

Obligatory mention of The Platform Master…

@Jtwo#6156 I thought The Smash Brothers was pretty good! Watched it a couple years ago with low expectations but got fully invested. I don't follow the scene at all but the doc does a good job making you care about the players:

as mentioned in 152

Since it got a mention around here quite some time ago, and also since I figured it makes more sense to say the following here instead of where I usual promote/shill my streams… For those who have yet to take @hellomrkearns's recommendation, I will be showing the first part of Diggin In The Carts later tonight, over at FORT90 TV broadcasting from Wonderville…


I really enjoy Archipel‘s stuff. They do documentaries about other topics besides games, but their game stuff is excellent. Here’s one they did about Takenobu Mitsuyoshi:

They're currently working on a memorial of Kenji Eno which I am really looking forward to.

Anyone else watch this? It's crazy that it exists, because it shows some people (including Tim Schafer) in a negative light and now it's just out in the open for everyone to see. And since some new hires joined DF because of the previous doc, I wonder if it could create a feedback loop where only people who are ok with Tim's management style join the company and the mismanagements keep happening.
The conflicting natures of making art versus having to meet deadlines really show. It's painful to watch a level not in the final game be in the works for so long and seeing what a setback it is when it gets scrapped. Big teams like that just seem like a nightmare. Just be like Toby Fox, have more money than God and release your game when it's ready, it's simple! But for real, I gained a new appreciation for small teams too.


Came here to post this. Amazing roster of speakers, Eno really was on the pulse of the generation.

This isn’t really a recommendation for a specific movie, but I have a list on Letterboxd that I constantly update with every video game documentary I can find (and can get away with by putting on Letterboxd):

(I also have lots of other video game related film lists that you can check out at that link!)

@“ninjapresident”#p145695 I have one for your Video Game Misc list.

@“Dunkr”#p145929 Oh fun! Just added it. I’m amused by all the video game replications of famous artworks / performance pieces. I really like Clint Enns’s 747, for example. There should be more digital performance art (or at least more visible criticism so I can be aware of it!)

I should probably make a new thread for video game movies and game related movies if there isn’t already one.