Good evening! What are you listening to? 🥃

Tangerine Dream - Rubycon

Back on regular schedule, and it is time for

### Round 3: DANGER!

_Songs that warn or specifically tell you not to do something._

I managed to submit picks this time, so I'm back in the running. I am, as expected, currently in dead last after the end of Round 2 after having to forfeit. The rebuild starts now!


Late reply but Jorge Elbrecht has amazing solo work! Hopefully Remynys gets the full album it deserves, as the only _Here Lies_ representative without a full album (though I think _Happiness_ might be a Remynys EP)


I don‘t know if this really counts for this thread or not, but this very random tweet appeared in my feed of some guy who thought he wasted an hour mashing up three random songs… and I cannot stop listening to it.

It’s a vibe, and I just want it as a full song now.

@exodus Going by Rhodri‘s bio and cross checking on Wikipedia, he’s a current member of Scritti Politti lol

@“MoH”#p155470 play this at my funeral

@“Viralata”#p155471 need the intro of lebron playing online poker as the slide show

man that is one of the funniest and strangest product placements in all rap videos

@“MoH”#p155477 the beats laptop is crazy. Yeah I cant think of a more 2009 thing. Actually I know a dating site Plenty of Fish was in a bunch of music videos during the same era. That + the beats laptops were everywhere.

But yeah Lebron playing that game, the screen recording making sure we see whats happening, and his nod of affirmation afterwards. Chefs kiss.


@“Viralata”#p155482 his nod of affirmation

me when a post gets more than 3 likes

Been on a mental state in which I feel suspended in ether and I think it is partially for this and how this album flows so much.

I was rushed to submit, and do not expect to do well this week. I just couldn't think of anything!

### Round 4: Little Big League

_One song about something very big, one about something very small._

I'm amazed at how the playlist got generated here -- Music League randomises all the submissions, and the run of songs at the start are all _Little..._ ones!

Back to back evenings with music. Luxurious.

This pleasant little shorty is for you Insert Canadians.

the disintegration loops

off-kilter jazzyDM