Good / interesting / rare game trailers

This is as much an open invitation to post cool stuff as it is a plea for help in finding two trailers I remember for the GameCube that haven't been able to find in twenty years.

The first was for *Super Mario Sunshine* and it featured a tropical song with I think a saxophone? and some non-English, possibly non-verbal anthemic vocals. I loved the music to this trailer and would love to listen to it again.

The second was for *Metroid Prime* and what I remember from this is that there was a voiceover of a guy saying stuff like "step into the gravity suit, behind the visor, for an experience that's… out of this world. Metroid Prime: she's back." that's all I remember. You can hear some of the audio from that trailer toward the end of this [fan-made Metroid movie trailer](

None of the in-game OSTs were used. English voiceover selling you on the game, though I don't remember what the voice was said in the Mario Sunshine one. This may be unique to me being a filthy Mac user, but I remember having to watch these in proprietary player on my computer. It could have been Bink or something else, I don't remember. It wasn't QuickTime.

Somebody help me find these and trace the context to them if possible!!

I can‘t help you with those but here is a trailer that I don’t think got a lot of view at the time.

I much prefer the name Rainy Woods to Deadly Premonition but I'm glad they were forced to redo the models for the Twins, York and George.

No luck on either of those trailers, but as far as trailers that have stood out to me go, Swords of Destiny will always have a place in my mind. 100% of that comes down to the random, out of place J-pop forty-seven seconds in.


@“the rocky connrrr picture show”#p135480 The first was for Super Mario Sunshine and it featured a tropical song with I think a saxophone?


I didn't have much trouble finding those so it may not be what you seek

As penance I offer this weirder (better?) TV spot from yon Brits:

While we‘re at it here’s a curio:


@“captain”#p135514 phew ok maybe I was confusing my memory of trying to find the MP trailer with trying to find the Mario Sunshine one. Thank you, it was that first trailer you posted! I'm not picking anything up with SoundHound from it though. I figured it was some track they paid for the license to, and it might still be that. I wonder!!!

Here's another old trailer (age-restricted) I remember differently: the debut trailer for No More Heroes. Whoever they cast as Travis in this I swear gave a different delivery to his line “your shining armor and fine words won't get you anywhere!” in an earlier version of this trailer. It was much more over-the-top and my guess is they told him to reign it in for the updated version of it that you can find easily on youtube—because it couldn‘t be that I’m misremembering things!! I really recall him going like “your shining armor and fine words won't get you ANYWHEEEERE!!!” Like he really let loose and it sounded so funny. I swear they had him do the line again before recasting.

I always thought this MGS trailer with all the plastic explosives going off at the end was unusual. Sometimes when have told people about the plastic explosives in the trailer they don't believe me, maybe its more well know now?

I don't think I have watched anything as intensely as I did this Silent Hill 2 trailer when it came out

The world this trailer suggested to my 20 year old brain has stayed with me permanently.

I also have some affection for the abstracted nature of this Silent Hill 4 trailer

Maybe one day I will play that game

@“robinhoodie”#p135618 I watched that Silent Hill 4 trailer a lot, especially the song at the end. It remains one of my favorite songs.

I personally always remember the True Fantasy Live Online trailer for what might have been. My sister was devastated when this was cancelled.

@“Andy B”#p135904 Silent Hill is many things to many people. But that shift from screeching horror noises to a beautiful song is very much one of them to me.

On a whim, I looked up the Skies of Arcadia Legends trailer and found this two-parter on IGN's YouTube channel. It feels like they basically took the intro template, swapped in some new footage to show off the addition to Legends as well as some exterior shots, and left it at that. I was whelmed.

I'd welcome any more context or better versions.