Goofy stuff from your life

my irl name is one letter off from a very bad word and that letter is immediately next to the correct letter on a keyboard. i know this feeling well.


Yee haw


the floor is ava…cado


I had a little giggle, imagining that someone’s name might be Vunt.


leave Curt alone


It’s wasp swarming season and they decided an electric pole right by our house was the best place to hang out

I am terrified of wasps and having heard a weird noise earlier, then seeing thousands of them flying around outside was not fun. I want to say I let out a manly scream but it was far, far from it.


My boss asked me if I could get any musician to perform at the library we work at for it’s 40th annyversary and she’s a cool person, and she was telling how she wants to go against silence in libraries and do something weird. So I asked a friend who does really aggressive harsh noise and he said yes. The goofy thing about this is that I just learned that he’s kinda opening for the state’s orchestra so it’s going to be really weird but cool lol


that’s cool, I’d check that out. I appreciate when noise artists have a beat. (I would say this verges on industrial, I’m enjoying it). the fully abstract stuff is too much for me and winds up getting into misophonia territory sometimes.

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this makes sense to me. If I was at the libary and some tepid, pleasant music was playing I’d be annoyed. But if it was merzbow you kind of have to respect that


ordered some normal whey protein but they shipped me “nootropics” instead. Fuck it let’s do big brain style here I go


Turns out it was bees, and somehow they all disappeared a little while ago. Apparently someone was coming with a hive to take the queen away and looks like they did.

I am less scared.


I discovered an artifact of the ancient world this morning! There was this, an unused (as far as I know) 100MB zip disk, as well as (unpictured) another one that contains my partner’s circa 2005 doctoral dissertation files (nobody worry, we backed them up on a CDR years ago). There’s a chance the ‘unused’ one is instead an ‘unlabelled’ one, but I have zero ways of checking to be sure. I don’t remember packing these for our last move, so my partner must have decided she wanted to keep them.

These are probably from around that era, even though they’re undated. I gotta say, I love love love the look and feel of old media formats like this!



I was reading a macrumors thread where someone successfully mounted a Zip disk on macOS Catalina! So, if you can find a drive lol.

My parents still have a Zip drive and some loose disks in a filing cabinet in their basement and handling those old things definitely feels different. I get almost the same feel from Kingston’s USB drives.

The Zip 100 drive at my parent’s house also has a housing of transparent plastic, with the same fun-but-professional curves and indentations as my Kingston.

This does not remind me very much of Iomega media but speaking of Kingston DataTravelers, I was thinking recently about how I used to have one of these weird things.

I once handed mine to someone who needed to copy a file and they could not figure out how to open it.


I think our one and only zip drive was internal and went to the upcycle place when we moved last along with the ancient and mouldering PC tower it was installed in. And it sure wasn’t as classy looking as that sweet translucent blue one!

I’m also not positive it’s worth the effort, since I’m positive we got everything off these and backed up before we retired use of the drive. I’m almost certain it’s somewhere on the laptop where I’m typing this!

But wow yeah, that era of physical media and physical media drives sure was nice in a very tactile way! I think I didn’t appreciate it enough at the time, and I also don’t think I suspected physical media would completely disappear for the most part.


I am new to growing plants, so I joined a Discord server, and everyone was talking about Kingdom Hearts, so I posted this picture of Sora passing a joint and got my first reprimand.


What a little hooligan you are.

The other day, the wife and I were out running errands. There was a neat little nature spot I wandered into recently by the post office I wanted to show her. It was just this little dirt trail next to a creek with a cute stone wall on one side. When I showed her, we kept going down the trail and emerged in the city library parking lot! We were so excited about our find that we went inside, signed up for library cards and left with armloads of books.

Seriously, I haven’t checked a book out from a library since high school when I had one easily accessible at all times, and I feel so much more human for some reason. The place was a lot more bumpin than I expected too! Not just homeless people taking naps, but people actually studying or reading and being cool in the library.

Anyway, it’s our new favorite place and I’m so excited to get back into being a bookworm for free.


If you’re new to the adult library experience, let me just tell you that it is far greater than you could possibly hope. If you like audiobooks or ebooks, the Libby app is going to change your life. I’ve also mentioned on this web forum before that I like to check video games out of the library as well as DVDs of things that you can’t find on streaming. All of it feels like it shouldn’t be free, and yet.


Yeeeah, when I saw their DVD collection I got super excited. I like to buy DVDs cheap from the antique mall near me, but the library has lots of TV series on DVD that I don’t know if I want to own all 7 discs, but would definitely check them out and watch them while I work (where I watch most of my media). Still gotta find their video game section!


I can normal walk at least a couple blocks now. Maybe more but I’m not supposed to push it. End of the month earliest before I can try gradually stressing the tendon more

Not getting a ton of sympathy about this irl so I’ve been trying to manipulate the dumb google search AI thing to get it say you can die from tendonitis. Just so I can guilt trip my family


I dealt with retrocalcaneal bursitis between 2019 and 2020. Foot injuries are terrible and annoying and can be frustrating to rehab because feet support your entire weight, and it took almost a year to heal my bursa with daily warm foot baths and no help from doctors—because the pandemic was kicking into full swing so no one was available, and our province’s healthcare system was already under attack from right wing psychos trying to push private even before covid reached us.