Gosh darn it show us some RPG gods.

Inspired by improve section in the recent episode of the podcast. While they all share similar motivations, not all RPG gods are created equally. So I wouldn't mind seeing some interesting RPG god designs, or any gods with interesting motivations. Or they could just be plain all boring no pressure.


So this is the polar opposite of the Show Me Satans thread.


Kami, a recurring boss from Square's Hanjuku Hero series (seen here in Imperial SaGa, where he turned out to be a complete scourge of an event boss)—he's both a play on "kami" meaning both "god" and "paper", as well as a parody of the final boss of Makai Toushi SaGa, the god who was notoriously and inexplicably vulnerable to death by chainsaw.

Lushiris from Der Langrisser. I don't really remember what her deal is, but she's gotta die.

Remembered another: Dr. Arecia Al-Rashia. What exactly a god is in the Fabula Nova Crystalis setting is a pretty fraught question, but I say someone who has remade the universe 600,104,972 times (yes, they give an exact figure) and can create fal'cie counts. She created your party members and is kind of a mother figure to them. I believe she's also responsible for the fact that people forget the dead in this world. Finally! She's only one of two Final Fantasy characters that smokes cigarettes (the other being Cid FF7).

The Final Fantasy Legend!

The creator shows up a bunch, and it's revealed they created the Tower and boss because they were bored and wanted to test humanity's ability to defeat evil with a "game". The creator offers the party a reward and they refuse so they fight. If you win you can eat that sweet god meat.


@“Mnemogenic”#p124186 She’s only one of two Final Fantasy characters that smokes cigarettes

this is incorrect. At least 2 characters in ff XVI smoke magical cigs. Cid and the game of thrones rip off lady

@“◉◉maru”#p124176 Yeah I’m confused by this actually, is this a thread about “gods” lowercase or the Mr. God

Because the former’s a dime a dozen in video games, the latter a lot rarer

@“yeso”#p124189 I apologize; I did not update my data to reflect developments in XVI. Although I would also argue that magical cigarettes are not cigarettes.

@“yeso”#p124189 what do magical cigarettes do for your lifespan?

I'm not a doctor

@“deepspacefine”#p124195 Over time they increase your risk of Frog status



_Final Fantasy III Legend of the Eternal Wind_ refers directly to *God*:

Spoilers for FFXIII trilogy:



Lest we forget the RPG GOD:


@“Hunter”#p124281 you mean it was consumerism this whole time!

@“2501”#p124190 I was more or less inspired by the JRPG trope of ‘killing god’ but at the same time I wanted to keep it open. Personally I find the ‘smaller’ gods more interesting as the big bad guy if it's thematically appropriate. Generally I think the SMT games are good at this.

But yeah I interesting gods or whacky RPG god pics are welcome.

Amazing restraint shown in this thread by the entire IC community to not just dump the entire SMT catalogue in one go