Gotta discuss 'em all!! (The Pokémon Thread)

@“sabertoothalex”#p154242 dawg, you just posted my alltime favorite piece of pokemon artwork. it‘s actually a photograph of me and my friends.

this is a re-drawing by someone. a trace. here’s the original:

it‘s actually a pre-release. there’s a surprising amount of prerelease artwork for the game, partly because it was in development for so long and game freak truly was a bunch of freaks. since they were a magazine before I guess, they tend to put out lots of stuff like postcards and calendars and stuff that had the rarest and most epic prerelease pokemon art.

A while back I lazily went into irfanview and inverted some colors as a base for a blue palette swap, since literally I am a blue palette swap of your standard pokemon trainer irl


I'm into it. A Legends-style game set in an urban environment sounds good to me, the biggest issue with Legends Arceus was how barren the environments were imo. If the whole game takes place entirely in Lumiose city, even better. I love a dense open world.

So are Americans finally gonna be forced to use the “Zed” pronunciation or are they gonna pretend saying Pokémon Legends Zee-A sounds completely normal and fine??


@“connierad”#p154942 my friends are already referring to it as ZA as in piz-za.

I'm predicting/projecting a Yakuza pokemon.

if we think Arceus was 50% BOTW and ScarletViolet 75% BOTW, it fair to say this could be 60% yakuza with a dense walkable few blocks city.

my friend group main theory hints to a game set in the past where you build the city and probably discover electricity (maybe aided by a Pikachu).

I’m hoping for a slightly more modern setting.

@“Uli”#p155056 So it’s Like a Dragon but everyone has Paris Syndrome?

@“◉◉maru”#p155077 like that idea! but we can’t you expect that much from gamefreak. Everyone probably has pokemon syndrome (when you have to talk about pokemon all the time)


~(fanart, I have the artist on socials but idk off top. note the purple pokeball. pokeballs were meant to be all sorts of cool colors before they were commercialized as a trademark red cap only.)

Does the pkmn company really get away with calling their events “Pokémon Presents” as if they're gifting us a new game to buy?

So... how is this new game supposed to work anyway? I was under the impression that pokemon live in tall grass. Are you going to go around catching domesticated Pokemon? Or will you just be catching city rats and pigeons? (Or should I say, Rattatas and Pidgeottos) It would be kind of funny if they built this lovingly detailed city but then all the gameplay happens in sewer levels.

this me reading posts on insert credit forums

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I got Pkmn Scarlet in the mail today (2nd hand). I sort of stopped following pkmn because I was so sick of the discussion around it. Well after remembering I quite like Pkmn Shield, and hearing this has some interesting stuff going on, I finally bought it.

I thought that the general negativity I heard was just the community being hyperbolic, but this game runs really poorly. The open world looks pretty poor as well, there's something off here, like severe optimisations are in place. The smaller environments and battles look pretty good so I guess most of the time was focused on that,

Does anyone know if this was meant to be a Switch 2 game that got released early? It feels like a lot of things were cut / rushed. e.g. shops becoming menu screens. Most buildings in the first city being un-enterable.

Should I buy this


It looks fully real, not to mention clean. I‘m just worried about how much space it’d take up in my kitchen.


@“connrrr”#p159011 Big honkin' YES on that one, good buddy. Get a bigger kitchen if you have to.

@“connrrr”#p159011 I think for every reason you could think not to buy it, someone could give you a better reason to buy it!

@“connrrr”#p159011 does it burn a pokeball into your toast??


@“beets”#p158551 Does anyone know if this was meant to be a Switch 2 game that got released early? It feels like a lot of things were cut / rushed. e.g. shops becoming menu screens. Most buildings in the first city being un-enterable.

I feel like the "not being able to enter buildings" + "pokemon centers are just outdoor gas stations" was a limitation they set for multiplayer so they wouldn't lose players when they teleport into different maps/rooms.

The main world can get ugly at times, but the DLC areas are pretty nice, especially the new school with the 4 biomes. The biomes they have are so good, kinda makes me wish the rest of the game was a little smaller and packed together with nicer details than trying to replicate an authentic scale larger country.

Though it is incredibly impressive to me how they went from cut up individual levels at a reduced scale in Arceus to a full on interconnected open world at full real scale for Scarlet/Violet. I hope the next game can keep that but make it prettier and with more landmarks and unique vegetation everywhere so it's not so dull when hiking around in generic mountains or deserts.